The Ultimate Fit Girl's Guide To Travelling Through Europe

Despite the mountains of fresh, perfectly oil-drizzled pasta and the crazy delicious desserts lining the streets, it is possible to stay healthy and fit while travelling. 

Don’t dread stepping on those scales when you come home, instead implement a few easy tips and tricks to stay in shape, while still enjoying everything a country has on offer. In fact, there are actually locations in the world that lend themselves to a healthy holiday, with easy workouts you can slot into your sightseeing.

With that in mind, our pals at Contiki have rounded up six of the best spots Europe has to offer.

Cologne, Germany

One of the greatest artistic masterpieces in the world, Cologne Cathedral is a must-see on any European bucket list. This ornate church is not only the centrepiece of this city but it also is one of the greatest vantage points. Of course, this means climbing the South Tower and with approximately 533 steps it will have you begging for leg day!

Peniche, Portugal

A top surfing location in Europe, Peniche serves up a healthy dose of sun, fun and surf to enjoy. Enjoy this dramatic beach location while getting in some calorie-torching paddling with surf schools offering up options for beginners to pros. Once you hop out of the water it’s time to explore this charming coastal village heading out to the incredible Islands of Berlengas to explore the scenic fort on the edge of the dramatic coastline.

Rome, Italy

While Rome may seem like a location more likely to leave you enjoying mounds of pasta and pizza rather than working out, the main attractions in this ancient city are just begging to be used for a quick HIIT workout. Mainly, the Spanish Steps! With 135 steps to conquer, head to the steps early in the morning before the swarms of tourists for a series of stair runs. Nothing gets the heart rate up faster!

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Needing a break from beach umbrellas and cocktails? Spike your heart rate while also enjoying spectacular views over one of the most beautiful areas in the world on the aptly named ‘Path of the Gods’. Perched high above the Amalfi Coast if you fancy an uphill journey walk from Positano (enjoying views all the way to the island of Capri) to the town of Agerola, don’t worry, the way back is downhill.

Beaujolais, France

Your biking skills may not have you joining the Tour de France any time soon but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the beauty of the French countryside on wheels. With some of the most picturesque bike routes in the world, (also home of Contiki’s 16th century Château de Cruix) you’ll have amazing memories and toned quads from your time in this French wine region. Have a glass to celebrate! You deserve it!

Lake District, Austria

If channelling your inner Maria from the Sound of Music sounds like the best way to score some holiday exercise then look no further than the glorious Lake District in Austria. Walking between gorgeously quaint villages is easily tackled on foot and can be taken at any pace. You can get your heart rate up then slow it down as you enjoy your spectacular surrounds.

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