Introducing One Of Australia's Hottest Trainers: Janis Blums

We’re still working out if there’s anything he can’t do…

PT and firefighter, Janis Blums has a contagious appreciation for life and the human body. He says this can be attributed to his work as a firefighter. 

“It’s rewarding- there are times we have some really good outcomes. [But] you get to realise how quickly life can be cut short, [and] how tough the human mind can be but also how fragile the body can be,” says Jānis, who trains peeps at the gym Sweaty Soul Sydney, as well as working with corporates such as Microsoft.

This respect for the body shines through in his ethos as a PT.

“We don’t just want people to move often; we want them to move well first.”

For Jānis, this includes constant study of how people tick, so he can offer the best training possible. The actual sweat sessions? “It could be strength and conditioning or a boxing and cardio session- it depends on the goal and where you’re at.” 

Train like Jānis

“Do regular strength training to build muscle mass- we get leaner, stronger, fitter and feel better. Plus it boosts bone density.” 

Mind the wine. “Alcohol is really calorie dense. It’s also the first thing your body goes to burn energy…before [it burns] food or fat stores.”  

Random Intrigue 

Also on Jānis’ CV? AFL player and junior Aussie high jump champs. 

See more of Janis on his Instagram @janis_blums

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