5 Things You Should Always Do After A Workout

No matter how much time and energy you put into your sweat sessions, you won’t see real results unless you make the right choices after your workout. To get the best results from your training make this post-workout routine as big a priority as the workout itself!


As tempting as it is to make a beeline for the exit after you finish your grueling workout hang around for at least five minutes. After a heart-pumping workout you need to make sure you give yourself at least five minutes to lower your heart rate. Doing light cardio will help flush out any metabolic waste products and excess lactic acid.


A new study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research has shown that static stretching is not essential before a workout, it should never be skipped post-workout. Stretching helps relax the nervous system, builds mobility and flexibility and helps muscles recover.


This may be one of the most obvious rituals but is often forgotten! Your body sweats to regulate its temperature and cool itself down, therefore after a sweaty cardio workout it’s important to drink water to rehydrate. It is recommended that for every hour of exercise you drink an additional 1L of water.


Within 1 hour of finishing your workout it is important to get a solid dose of protein to help rebuild and repair muscles. Your post-workout snack should provide you with a balance of carbs and protein, ensuring that you have at least 20g of quality protein. Some examples of easy post-workout snacks include Greek yoghurt with muesli and fruit or cottage cheese on wholegrain crackers. For a more convenient option there are protein drinks such as new Sanitarium PBTM, that contains 32g of protein and being a ready-to-drink beverage, it’s easy to consume straight after your workout.


As tempting as it is to avoid struggling to take off your sweaty sports bra and lounge around in your activewear all day… it’s time to hit the showers. Aside from being a bit stinky, when your sweat dries causing those white lines on your skin and clothing it can easily cause chaffing. Finally, if you leave damp sweat in the folds of your skin and wear the same clothing this can cause fungal infections.

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