Sydney Might Be The First Australian City To Offer Free Tampons

Sydney-siders are about to get lucky! Apparently a councillor proposes it made sense for the high rollers at the council to role out the plan.

Sydney City council is officially due to vote on Monday whether they reckon they should supply homeless women, as well as those in council owned buildings and sporting facilities with the sanitary products free of charge.

According to The Huffington Post, Councillor Edward Mandla said it was a worthwhile initiative for the council. “City of Sydney is flush with cash and throws around money like there’s no tomorrow. There’s money for everyone and lots of talk about equality. But there’s little in practical leadership solutions,” Mandla said.

In his notice of motion for the upcoming council meeting, Cr Mandla said the program would inspire “Australian organisations to join the City by providing free and easily accessible sanitary items in their bathrooms, in this instance, in all City of Sydney workplaces, for all City of Sydney staff”.

Under this supposed plan, we could expect libraries, sporting and homeless facilities to also offer the freebies. He mentioned similar moves in America, which may see some states, introduce free female sanitary products in public buildings.

Cr Mendla also referenced US statistics which suggested 86 per cent of woman had been “caught without the supplies they need in a public space, 79 per cent of women said they were forced to improvise
with toilet paper.”

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