This 1 Minute Workout Is As Effective As An Hour At The Gym

When we heard there was a workout that’s only one minute long, but just as effective as spending an hour at the gym, we were so on top of that!

Research from McCaster University has found that adding in a high-intensity 60-second workout within a ten minute session can produce better results than long workouts.

Fitness guru, Shane Collins has revealed the best 60-second workouts that can be done in your bedroom, that give the same results as going for a long jog.

No more sweating it out on the treadmill? Tell us everything right now!

“To put it simply, adding short rounds of intensity fires up your internal operating systems. It’s like upgrading the iOS on your phone or laptop. It makes everything work better, faster and more efficiently. That’s why you can get the same results in a much shorter time period.”

Shane is the founder of a boutique boxing gym which is loved by Ellie Goulding.

One of the 60-second workouts Shane loves are burpees. “It works everything,” he says. “Start in a standing position, drop your hands to the floor by your feet, jump your feet back behind you and touch your chest to the floor. From there, jump your feet back into your hands and explosively jump in the air.”

Just take cue from Ellie…

Pre show burpees for dayz

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Other one minute workouts include:

Shadowboxing: Move around and throw punches (at the air) like you are in a real fight. Duck and roll to void the pretend punches that are thrown at you. Feel those abs and arms burn!

Uphill Sprints: Sprinting is the perfect ab carving, shoulder toning and fat burning workout. Find a hill that’s about 25m to the top, set your timer and you are good to go!

Plank Thrust: Start as if you are about to do a push up, staying as low as possible jump both yours knees in and outside your left elbow. Jump back to a plant. Repeat 10 times then swap sides.

The Crawl: Yes you read correctly, get down on all fours and go. Pick a 10m distance and go to and from keep score and try and beat it the next day.

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