Peach & Lily's Four New Skin-Care Products Are Bound to Sell Out Fast

If you've dabbled in Korean beauty, you've definitely heard of Peach & Lily. After all, the retailer facilitates access to authentic Asian beauty products in a way that, arguably, even a trip to South Korea can't. Thanks to meticulous product curation, the brand has directed swaths of state-siders to some top-notch Korean skin care over the years. Then, about a month ago, Peach & Lily dropped an eponyms skin-care line. Much to our delight, it has just added four new products to the lineup.

Specifically, there's an essence, a toner, a multipurpose balm, and moisture pads (more on the lattermost one later). Different as they may be, the products share an affinity for simple ingredients, pretty packaging, and glow-inducing results. And, because glowiness is practically part of K-beauty's DNA, you could say that these products get to the very essence of Korean skin care (pun intended).

Wild Dew Treatment Essence ($39)

Essences are often touted as the differentiating hero product in a K-beauty skin-care routine. They're generally turbocharged with hydration; plus, they're developed to sink into skin more rapidly than traditional moisturizers. Consider the Wild Dew Treatment Essence an insurance policy for keeping your skin looking its most luminous throughout the day.

The Good Acids Pore Toner ($39)

This unscented toner relies on alpha hydroxy acids to loosen up gunk that may be clogging your pores. Additionally, it exfoliates every-so-gently. Sensitive skin-types needn't worry, though: Every formula is made to strike a balance between gentle and effective. "These formulas are never harsh or aggressive on skin," says Peach & Lily founder and CEO Alicia Yoon. Plus, they are all totally fragrance-free.

Lazy Day All-in-One Moisture Pads ($39)

While K-beauty has the reputation for extreme thoroughness (10-step skincare, anyone?), these Lazy Day All-in-One Moisture Pads prove that you can whittle your hydration routine down to a single swipe. The shape — little textured circles — are reminiscent of an exfoliating glycolic acid pad, expect they're actually doused in moisturizing hyaluronic acid, skin barrier-protecting ceramides, and a bevy of veggie-derived antioxidants.

KBeauty Rescue Balm ($28)

Unlike other so-called balms on the market, the KBeauty Rescue Balm has an unexpectedly liquid-like consistency — but that's the point. Thanks a base of sunflower oil, the balm practically melts into skin and softens pesky rough spots (elbows, cuticles, etc.). And, of course, it imparts a glow-y sheen to boot.

According to Yoon, these new products were inspired by skin-care fanatics (hi, there!). In fact, it was the Ask Lily program — a free service where you can email an actual expert your skin-care questions — that inspired the brand's launches. "[Through the service], a couple themes started to come up a lot," Yoon shares with Allure.

Namely, people were interested in clean beauty, but they also didn't want to compromise efficacy. The challenge, then, was to create products free from potential nasties (PEGs, phthalates, etc.) that still manage to work really darn well. (Spoiler: These babies strike that balance.)

As the old adage goes, good things take time. Yoon says the products were developed on a "ready when they're ready" timeline — meaning there wasn't an actual timeline. Instead, the formulation process was "driven by standards," she says. Judging by the quality of these product formulas, those standards must have been pretty darn high.

You can snag the entire Peach & Lily collection starting today on,, and in Ulta stores. And you might want to do it STAT; if we've learned anything from the first round of Peach & Lily launches, it's that these products sell out in a flash.

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