This Is What Victoria Beckham Eats For Breakfast Every Single Day

Let’s be real; at the age of 43, Victoria Beckham has never looked better. Her skin is flawless, her figure is enviable and her style is second-to-none.

So, what exactly is her secret? 

The mum-of-four recently took to Instagram to share what a typical morning looks like in the house of Becks and yup, we’re officially putting it down to her healthy AF brekkie of choice.

To start each day, the matriarch swears by a shot of apple cider vinegar.

“Be brave!” she wrote alongside a snap of the bottle. “2 tbsp first thing on an empty tummy.”

Next up? A green smoothie packed with spinach, kiwi, avocado and apples.

“The green monster for the Beckhams! X,” she captioned a clip of herself preparing the drink for her brood.

The former Spice Girl finished off the meal with a bowl of her go-to ‘sprouted grain crunchy cereal’ with “unsweetened organic almond milk.” But here’s the kicker: the rest of the fam approve too.

“Yes!” she wrote. “The kids do like it too!”

10/10 for domestic goddess.

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