This Woman Went From A Size 14 To Size 6 In A Mind Blowing Amount Of Time

It’s a struggle we’ve all faced – when clothes sizing goes rogue.

But one woman is making light of her recent experience in a snap that’s now gone viral. Seren Pollard shared a “before and after picture” in which she went from size 14 to a size six in “less than a minute”… by changing tights.

Yep, one woman, two vastly different sized pants. But it’s a poignant reminder for us all to stop getting hung up on that number on your waist band.

“Your worth isn’t based on what size clothes you wear,” Seren captioned the image. “Being a size 6 is cool. Being a size 14 is cool. Being any size is cool. Being KIND to yourself, being KIND to your body and being KIND to others is cool.”

Amen, Seren.

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