These products will add to your fatigue.

Experts told about 5 products that give you a tired look.

You do not notice that you began to look more tired than usual, or perhaps someone has already told you about this? If so, then we ask the following question: are you sure that you eat right? After all, it may very well be that you yourself spoil your beauty, including in your diet foods that make you look tired.

You most likely think that overworking at work or lack of sleep is to blame, but know that nutrition is the determining factor that you should always pay close attention to if you want to look good.

It is recommended if you do not completely eliminate them from your diet, then at least to limit their consumption.

Your appearance will change dramatically!

1. Fried and deep-fried food

One of the most “dangerous” in this sense, food that negatively affect our appearance, are deep-fried or fried. Unfortunately, they are the most common.

Ranging from popcorn to movies and ending with meatballs, the recipe of which your mother gave you, fried food is always at hand with us.

Regardless of the product that undergoes such a heat treatment, it will contain a huge amount of trans fats and oils, which, in turn, will greatly slow down all the processes in your body.

The body will need to expend more energy to digest such food.

In addition, fried foods are the most common cause of clogged arteries and the development of obesity. And if this is not enough for you to reduce its consumption, then we can note that excessive consumption of vegetable oils will negatively affect the condition of your skin, since: they destroy the collagen it needs, overdry the skin even with sufficient water intake, and contribute to the appearance of acne.

2. Coffee

We agree, it sounds somewhat contradictory: coffee, which provides us with a charge of energy and vigor, makes us look more tired.

But you wondered what this “extra” energy means for our body?

In fact, caffeine has both advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended, for example, to drink one cup of coffee an hour before the start of the workout, so that the body becomes active and can burn the calories as intensely as possible.

On the other hand, an excessive amount of caffeine forces our body to be constantly “on the alert”, that is, it keeps it active, even when it does not have the necessary resources for this.

As a result, this can lead to loss of sleep (if you drink coffee without any subsequent activity or exercise, or if you drink coffee at night).

Reflect on the appearance of it as follows:

Bags under the eyes.

In addition, caffeine removes moisture from our body. This means that if you do not drink enough water after coffee, you may encounter:

Severity and inertia.
Lack of energy and strength.

3. Too spicy or spicy foods.

Spicy or too spicy foods also make you look tired, as it contributes to the appearance of pigmentation (dark spots) on the skin and a change in its shade.

The fact is that spices and spices affect the circulatory system.

If this is an insufficient argument, here’s another: spicy food contributes to the expansion of veins and blood vessels. They get thicker. What’s bad about it? They become more visible under the skin, and this has a low-aesthetic appearance.

In some cases, the skin covers themselves become thickened, which is why we look a bit swollen.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol should also be abandoned (along with fried food). I must say that your body will only get better from it.

However, if you are not ready to do this, because you like to miss a couple of cups during some kind of events and meetings, then you should be ready for “side” effects.

Alcoholic beverages are in some way similar to caffeine-containing ones, since they both lead to dehydration.

Only with alcohol is the situation more difficult, since it is consumed more.

While during the day you drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee, in a couple of hours of meeting with friends you can easily drink 5 glasses of beer.

To eliminate the effects of dehydration, you need to drink each glass of beer or a glass of another alcoholic beverage with two glasses of water.

5. Carbohydrates

How many carbohydrates do you consume per day and, most importantly, which ones? Today, many people have decided to completely abandon these products, because they believe that they are too unhealthy.

If you are one of neither, then know that the reality is not exactly that. There are carbohydrates that need to be consumed, because they provide our body with energy (for example, legumes).

Those that really need to be excluded from your diet are sugar and refined flour. They give you a tired look and charge you with so-called “empty” feces.