How To Tell If You're A "Xennial"

There’s a new generational label for those who don’t associate with the world-weary pessimism of Gen-Xers or the preening self-absorption of Millenials – Xennials.

The term has been coined by old millenials – a micro-demographic sitting right on the cusp of the two generations – who aren’t infatuated with Snapchat and ironic facial hair but also aren’t old enough to have mourned Kurt Cobain’s suicide.

What are the common markings of the Xennial?

Typically born between 1977 and 1983, the Xennial is reasonably tech-savvy but is also old enough to remember a world where mobile phones resembled house bricks; they can recall the torturous waits for dial up internet but they don’t remember the mania over the first Star Wars movies.

Sound like you? Here are some other things that may ring a bell…

  • You spent six months of your life fostering your MySpace account
  • You had – and quite possibly still have – a hotmail account
  • When pushed, you admit having had a crush on at least one of the Spice Girls
  • When asked what your favourite movie is, your reflexive answer is The Shawshank Redemption. Or Trainspotting. Depends what kind of guy you are
  • You spent hours as a kid making mix tapes
  • You remember a time when Australian sporting teams never, ever lost. Even the Wallabies
  • Green Day’s Good Riddance was your Year 12 leaving song
  • Your favourite book is The Beach. You read it four times while backpacking around Europe
  • Seinfeld or Friends? The debate rages over which was the greater sitcom
  • You actually know what the word “sitcom” means

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