Vegan documentary The Game Changers flesh for us weak?

“The Game Changers” is an American documentary from the year 2018, the can since September 2019 in Germany on Netflix streaming. The Film wants to show that a plant-based diet has nothing to do with weakness and veganism by using extreme athletes who eat vegan, a new reputation give. The propositions and examples from the documentation have since been criticised, debated and defended. We tell you why you “should look for The Game Changers” with a critical eye, without discarding the whole idea behind it.

What makes it really strong?

The former Mixed Martial Artist James Wilk trained today, Elite military units, had the original idea to an extensive Search for the “right” diet. The Background: During training, he suffered an injury that put him out for several months out of action. His first step? He sought the conversation with Doctors, coaches, scientists and sports such as Arnold Schwarzenegger or the strength athletes, Patrik Baboumian, is considered as the strongest man in the world. His finding: Some of these top athletes go vegan, because the plant-based diet ensures a faster regeneration of the muscles. Herbal products include normally have more antioxidants, therefore, inflammation can go faster, and muscles will recover quicker.

Meat or vegetables?

But James Wilk came across in his Research on more benefits of veganism. Among athletes it is widely used, alone, animal proteins are the only source for real Msklelenergie of the year is a long time Pro sports and the coach is convinced. A vivid confirmation of this stereotype Conor McGregor, who claimed once to eat three times a day Steak – morning, noon and night.

The documentation followed a scientific approach, to put this Belief: it starts with Justus von Liebig’s theory, which is the origin of the bad reputation of the vegetarian way of life, and will continue with studies, experiments and Tests, which all agree: It needs no meat to be really strong. Accordingly, it was not important what source provides the Protein you can about them so just as well with lentils, or peanut butter. (Of vegetable or animal proteins? – Here you can find all the information about how the two protein groups have an impact on muscle building.)

Plant-based diet makes “male”

The documentation wants to show not only the effects of the plant-based diet has on our health and strength, but also on what we do with the word “masculinity” and "Standhaftigkeit" call. In a non-representative Experiment with three College athletes will be tested, what is the effect of a dinner with meat compared to a vegan dish on the frequency and strength of your nocturnal erections – the result: After the vegetable Burrito which men are more and more excited. This not-quite-serious Test breaks with previous scientific studies, and wants to lead in a playful way to Reconsider their previous eating habits. (As fixed in the bed? Here you will find a list of Goodies that will keep your manhood in perfect condition.)

The tone of the documentation is not judgmental – no-one seems to demonize an animal diet, all joking about your preferences and the amount that you have taken prior to your conversion to be. Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks of “10-15 eggs per day”, before he opted for a purely plant-based diet. It figures to be shown, with which one can identify with or at least wants to – although extreme sports are the focus, all speak quite openly about the fact that their diet consisted mainly of meat, because they knew, what difference would it make to eat plant-based diets.

Veganism as a solution for everything?

Nevertheless, the question of counter-arguments and the other side, of course – gets in the documentation is not a great place. Science is never finished really, and thus can never be really clearly an aspect that gets in the approximately one and a half hour documentary on Netflix, no room. Instead, veganism is presented as the solution for almost everything – it is the risk for cancer decreases, as Wilks tries to show by the example of his father, and boosts athletic performance. The father is better, since it feeds purely vegetable, is the oldest participant in the Olympic games vegan – this connection looks when you Look at the documentation of a compelling causality, but actually, it is a bulleted list of facts, which must at first have nothing to do with each other.

But the images of extreme athletes in competitions and races seem to still be convincing. Although diet is an important factor, it should be in spite of all this, not viewed one-dimensionally, and is not solely responsible for our health. The vegan diet is no guarantee for a happy, healthy and long life, as in “The Game Changers” will be displayed. (Who eats vegan, deliberately animal food. What are the health risks you should be aware of.)

The critical view

Documentaries such as “The Game Changers“, who claim the monopoly on the truth about the right healthy food for themselves, are to be treated with caution. Although you can built up on the first glance, the power of Persuasion, and amplified by the Oscar-winner and Director Louie N. Psihoyos, not escape, it is to keep in mind that there are for almost every of These an appropriate study you can use, to support his argument.

Nevertheless, Even if “The Game Changers“ needs a critical eye, you should take the direction in which this documentation has, seriously. For both leading nutritional experts, such as best-selling author Bas Kast or the German society for nutrition, show, that the consumption of meat in our food pyramid is always insignificant. Climate experts point to the damage that the consumption of meat brings with it. Thus, the documentation presented perspectives are, in spite of all the criticism, surely leading the way.

This article was written by (Angelika Watta)

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