Lose weight without counting calories: to control 4-way, portion sizes without weighing

Calories can also be quite straightforward without having to count calories reduce.

To do this, you must be only of a psychological fact: in General, you tend to eat so much as a served.

The principle applies even if you are self-filling.

Whether out of decency or sub-consciously – it is often eaten through the feeling of satiety and beyond.

Four simple Tricks can help to develop already during the filling a more meaningful measure of the size of your own Portion.

1. Smaller dishes to use

The origin of all Anger often starts already on the plate, or rather with the size of the plate.

Because where there is a lot of space, it is also filled much. The leads on the dish-space-eating syndrome, then quickly back to überisst themselves.

In one experiment, it was found that the subjects who were given a bigger plate, filled 77 percent more pasta, and then ate as the comparison group, which used only a medium-sized plate.

A simple solution in order to avoid additional calories, therefore, is to simply grab a smaller plate.

If the is then cleaned at the end of the meal to Shine, shines the next day not only the sun, but also the own character of Conscience stressed.

2. The plate as a portion of his divider

The Take-away utensils: There are small partitions to ensure that, for example, the rice with the sauce mix.

Regardless of that here are primarily aesthetic motives are in the foreground, makes the disposition of the own food according to the nutrients a lot of sense.

Instead of actual partitions, it is sufficient already, the disposition to introduce on your own plate just. For a balanced meal, the plate should be filled approximately as follows:

  • Half-plate = of fiber such as vegetables or salad
  • Quarter-plate = high Quality protein in the Form of milk or meat products, fish, eggs, Tofu, beans or legumes
  • Quarter plate = complex carbohydrates such as whole grain products and starchy vegetables
  • On top of this, it is recommended a half tablespoons of fat, such as Oils or Butter.

By this classification most vegetables and salads to automatically end up in the stomach, the substances rich in fiber and vitamins, but naturally low in calories.

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3. Own Hand as a scale

The Hand represents a fairly trusted measurement basis for the amount of food that you really need.

That can actually work, it was found in a Turkish study with 155 participants.

Because, in principle, the size of the hand, the body size, so larger people have higher metabolic rate, larger hands, where your nutritional needs can measure.

The rough guide per meal is as follows:

  • Protein-rich food (e.g. meat, fish, dairy products and beans and pulses): A palm-full for women and two for men
  • Fiber-rich foods (e.g., vegetables, and salads): A fist-sized Serving for women and two fist-sized servings for men
  • Carbohydrate-rich foods (e.g. whole-grain products and starchy vegetables such as potatoes): The Portion of a from the two hands formed a bowl for women and Double for men
  • High-fat foods (e.g. Butter and nuts): A thumb-sized Serving for women and two for men.

The manual is, however, considered with caution. Because even if the body size to reflect normally in the hands, has not only the length of a human influence on its calories.

Not, among other things, changes in quantities required to be observed by more or less movement, as well as the ratio of muscle – to-fat mass in their body.

Now the daily calories needed, calculate:

4. Half sizes to order in a Restaurant

Perhaps, to avoid later complaints by the guests, serve the Restaurant, often much to large meals.

The most extreme in the United States. There, the portion sizes are, on average, approximately twice to eight times as large as the standard portions.

But also in Germany, the then Minister for consumer protection, Ilse Aigner, tried a few years ago, the excessive portion sizes in restaurants contain.

“Smaller portions are good for the figure and the purse and the amount of waste is reduced,” she said at the time.

Since then, you see, in the meantime, fortunately, always more often, in Restaurants, the same dish in different sizes will be offered.

Where this is not yet the case, it pays to ask specifically, after a half Portion or a children’s court.

If this is not possible, the alternative solution is to share a dish with someone, or on an Appetizer with a side dish instead of a main court, Dodge.


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