Rachael Finch Reveals Her Secret To Achieving Work Life Balance

Rachael Finch has come a looong way since her Miss Universe days. She’s smashing it with her own fitness program, workout apparel brand, sports reporting, book-writing and ambassadorships – as well as motherhood. We quizzed her on everything from how she structures her day to what she’s learnt through business, what type of mother she aims to be and how she keeps her energy up (spoiler: it involves bulletproof coffee with surprising additions)…

You’ve got a lot of projects on the go, and young kids – how do you balance it all?

We take each day as it comes. We still have our crazy-busy, frantic days, but for me it’s about slowing my mind down [and] trying to remain as calm, focused and connected as possible. I don’t want to get up and go, “We’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do that!” I don’t want to look back in five or 10 years and go, “Oh I was so busy, oh my god, I can’t believe how quickly time passed”. I want to go, “I enjoyed every second and wasn’t that awesome?” I want [to] get the most out of every single day.

What helps you do that?

I maintain that with meditation, breath work, yoga [and] stretching – that’s why I’ve included all those elements in the [BODY by Finch] program. Because you can’t just keep smashing yourself at the gym and expect to be healthy or reach your goals. The holistic approach, that mind-body-soul approach, you’ve got to nurture [it]. You don’t need to be smashing [it] every day. It’s about trying to keep in alignment as much as possible. When I feel like it’s [all] work, I know I need a night with my girlfriends to talk about crap for a little bit.

And what’s a day on a plate look like for you?

I wait until I’m hungry to have my first meal after my bulletproof coffee. Sometimes I don’t get hungry until about one [o’clock]; sometimes [I’m hungry] around 10 o’clock. I just listen and follow what I feel. My first meal could be one of my smoothies, like a rich, fatty smoothie with coconut milk, activated nut butter, chia seeds, banana, avocado, coconut yoghurt, lots of spinach, greens [or] green superfood powder – whatever I feel like. Or it could be eggs with feta, avocado, tomato [and] greens. And then, about four hours later, I get hungry again. I might have a massive salad with roast pumpkin, sun-dried tomatoes, more avocado, grilled chicken or salmon [and] lots of nuts and seeds sprinkled on the top. [Then] I might have something light for dinner. If I’ve cooked for the family, I might have a small bowl of something that’s come out of the slow-cooker, like beef, lamb or chicken. 

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