Laura Byrne’s Trainer Reveals The Secrets Behind Her Abs

Couldn’t tear your eyes away from Laura Byrne’s abs on the Logies red carpet? Yeah, us neither. Lucky for us, The Bachelor star’s trainer has revealed the secrets behind her rock hard core.

According to FEMAIL, the 31-year-old works with celeb trainer Jono Castano Acero four times a week, with an extra session every week in the lead up to the awards.

“We stick to HIIT (high intensity interval training) two days and two days with a hypertrophy (building muscle) approach, where we just focus on legs and abs,” he told the publication.

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He also swears by hip thrusts and squats for building a strong base.

“Combine these two on a regular basis while focusing on the tempo, engagement and volume and you will see that booty grow in a few weeks,” he added.

As for her abs, Jono focuses on isolating the core with different movements like planks, knee tucks and side rotations

“To spice it up we jump on the TRX.”

But it’s not just the sweat sessions that shape her psyhique, Laura also follows the très-on-trend ketogenic diet.

A ketogenic diet relies on burning fat as the key source of energy, while severely limiting carbohydrates, and allowing moderate amounts of protein. 

“Laura has five meals a day: breakfast, mid morning, lunch, mid afternoon and dinner which include animal proteins and non-starchy, above-ground vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts and spinach,” Jono said.

“She also eats fruits low in carbohydrates like avocado, berries, lemon and lime, fats, nuts, seeds, oils and high fat dairy.”

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