Black Latte: Detox thanks to the active carbon in the coffee

Golden Milk, Beet Root or Unicorn Latte – the list of colorful coffee variations and alternatives will be longer and longer. They usually attract due to ingredients such as turmeric, Beetroot and Chlorella with bright colors.

The “Black Latte” sets a Raven black against the trend.

What lies behind this sinister drink?

What is bar Black?

Anyone who has hoped, in this trend, drink a lot of caffeine, is finally properly must, unfortunately, be disappointed.

In the case of Black bar, especially black coffee is not in the foreground, the color provides, rather, the containing activated carbon.

Another variant of the Black Latte made by the color contrast with a Paste made of ground black sesame seeds, peanuts and almonds.

Both varieties of the trend drink to be filled with heated soy, nut or almond milk and can be sweetened with maple syrup.

Black Latte: Putative detox effect by activated carbon

Activated charcoal anyone who has done a Detox, or his teeth, of course, wanted to brighten up knows. Also in masks for pimples and blackheads the coal is used. You should help the skin to Refine, detoxify and purify. The latter is also the reason why the Black Latte as a drink was invented.

In spite of their deep black color to even help to whiten teeth – although experts warn, in the meantime, in front of it. Some swear to that on a regular activated carbon consumption in order to fix bloating and flatulence problems. Their supposed “detox effect” means that they are also a popular Hangover cure.

Activated carbon can have the effect of interactions

Is used activated carbon actually for medical purposes, for example, in the case of diarrhoea, gastro-intestinal complaints, or if a poisoning has occurred. It has the property to bind toxic substances in the gastro-intestinal tract and transported out of the body.

Activated carbon can be purchased as a powder or in capsule form. In spite of its detoxifying effects of activated charcoal should be enjoyed with caution: you can carry toxins and from the body – however, it does substances that also for the body important substances like vitamins and minerals. Activated carbon should be enjoyed, and so only in moderation and not taken directly with a meal.

So you can interfere with the effectiveness of drugs such as the anti-baby pill. Those who take certain medications, you should speak with a doctor before taking activated charcoal or a Black bar to be.

In the case of the pill, or food Supplement enough substances, such as vitamins and minerals, when a few hours between consumption.

Self-Made: Black Latte Recipe

In metropolises like London or Melbourne, where the Black crossbar is supposed to originate, is offered this Drink frequently. If he has not arrived in your town yet, you can restore it yourself.

You will need:

How to: plant milk in a saucepan to heat. Together with the rest of the ingredients in a Blender, mixing in a Cup of fill – your Black Latte is ready! If you like a slightly chocolaty Note, you can give up to half a teaspoon of cocoa powder. The Black tastes like a Latte is still delicious.


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