Morning exercises: Four exercises

In the morning, it usually has to go fast, für a großit sports program has almost no one of time. Für a little Frühgymnastik but come on! "This is a schöner way to start the day. With simple Üexercises läthe mobility of the joints of the sst influence, and thus a certain amount of morning stiffness beseitigen", erklärt Professor Herbert Löllgen, sports doctors from Remscheid. Even those who täonly ten minutes to invest, have more energy für everyday life.

Training Goal Wohlfümiss

Übertriebener sporting ambition is dafür is not necessary. The goal should rather be loose mobility so that you wäduring and after the training session wohlfühlt. "In any case, too much voltage is it wrong, on the muscles auszuüben", physicians L&ouml says;llgen. The könne to small injuries führen.

Therefore, for example, is not to try to bend forward, with the finger tips to the floor to berühren. Recommended: gently ausgefügranted, but dynamic Üsimilarly, the möas many joints gently stimulate the – and the cycle.

Four simple Exercises for the Morning

1. Be rekeln 

Start edge of the bed. Raising the arms alternately to the top &ndash routes; so far, that they are in the page in a strain spüren! About 2 seconds 10 repetitions.

2. Legs pendeln 

So lässt the time, wäwhile the coffee durchläuft. Who is in the morning, still a little shaky, takes a chair or countertop to help. Left hand hold, right Hand on the HüRTD abstüsupport. Now you swing the right extended leg to the front and rear. About 8 Times wieder­pick up, then switch sides, 2 Durchgänge.

3. Füße wippen 

Good Übung wäduring the Zähneputzens. Up and down, where appropriate, to hold. Then on the Fußbales make – the Köthe body goes up, the calves are tense, the weight rests on the bale. Briefly hold and slowly lower. 10. If you like, you can Übung also expand. After the Rolling of the weight on the heels ­­shift and on the toes, tighten until you have no contact with the ground.

4. Shoulders kreisen 

Also goes under the shower: Alternately the right and the left shoulder to the front and rear circles. On each side, repeat 8 Times. Those who exercise in the water funny This &Uuml: ;bung works üeverywhere in the Stand. About the Zeitung­read on KüChen counter.