Skin care in strapazisen Professions

Make-up, sun radiation or heating air: Some professions stress the skin, it becomes dry and itchy. So köyou can prevent and already irritated skin calm

Who his Hände must often be disinfected, should pay attention to a good skin care

Roofers, in the summer of täresembled the blazing sun. Clinic staff, the number of times stüof course, the Hände disinfect must. Some professions make für sensitive skin is a particular challenge.

The "Stewardesses-Krankheit" even as its own diagnosis: perioral Dermatitis. Because flight attendants should wear makeup always, is your skin überpflegt. 

Irritated skin by hästage Makeup

Too much make-up and removing make-up irritating to the skin. Flight attendants are familiar with the Problem. "The Köthe body defends itself against to oily Make-up products with Emulgatoren", erläexplained allergic login Andrea Bauer of the University of Dresden. The result: ­Rösightings of the itches complexion is dry.

"It remains ­nothing übrig, as to Make-up and Not for a couple of days on the sick list." According to experts, this Zero-therapy works best: the skin is at rest, für to use some of the time, no cosmetics.

Who doesn’t, könne specifically für this clinical picture developed preparations rarely and sparingly. The symptoms are healed, we recommend special cosmetic für sensitive skin. ­Start slowly and test what you verträgt.

At dry heating air, urea helps

The lives of most people playing now ümainly from the inside, especially in the ­Winter. The &uuml apply;usual care recommendations. "In the morning and evening to the face and gently cleanse, then a suitable skin care ­auftragen", Dermatologist Claudia Borelli says.

To whom is the dry air in a closed Rätrees ­to create the particular power, which is advised with products, the moisture in the skin: creams with urea, glycerol or Milchsäure.

Working Outdoors: protection from the sun.

Since 2015 forms of skin cancer such as actinic keratosis and squamous cell carcinoma as &shy are;Occupational diseases recognized. They are caused by too much UV radiation. Since then, müshot employers in corresponding Occupations suitable sun provide creams.

To take advantage of this enough. &quot is;The funds müshot fixed easy to apply, water – and abrasion-resistant and non-sticky. The Filter müshot in high-light protection in UV-A and UV-B range gewährleisten", ­erklärt Ärztin Andrea Bauer – everything is necessary when you are in the sun hard köthe body cooperates. In the Winter schüCold Cream protects against Kälte and Wind.

Also, disinfectants and protective gloves irritate the skin

Too much contact with water will challenge every type of skin. But also irritant substances such as grease or disinfectants köcan cause problems. Or protective gloves – underneath, the skin perspires.

Most Important Maßcollection: skin protection products, at the best those which maintain at the same time, and regenerate. Ask the pharmacy or your employer.

In some industries, the operation of these creams to Verf&uuml must;aside: "In The Friseur­­crafts for ­Example, in the hospitality industry, in the Gesundheits­being in the food industry, in construction or in metal processing ­­Industrie", Andrea Bauer says. Against very strong sweating there are creams with tanning agents.

Beware of swimming pool and Sauna

You love to sweat after work in the Sauna or in the swimming pool lanes? "Patients with sensitive skin should Aktivitäonly in Maßen genießen", Dermato&shy says;login Borelli.

Heat and chlorine can irritate sensitive skin. After that, showers and a good lotion.

Only sensitive skin or an allergic reaction? 

An itch, as were thousands of ants üon the skin. Voltages or ­­gerötete. Some of the reactions of sensitive skin äresemble allergic symptoms. The pharmacist Christian Jung from Hanover erklärt, how to tell the difference.  

  • "An Allergy always has a ­Auslöser. The reaction is usually fast and heftig", erklärt Young. Sensitive skin develops allmäugly, and there are usually meh­several non-specific factors, the role für play the skin condition. 
  • Also, the skin images are different. "In the case of allergies, and I think Hautrösightings with swelling and Bläschen", so Young. Das  not for sensitive skin. "These symptoms occur in connection with sensitive skin, it is höto act most of the time." 
  • The skin improves after taking an antihistamine quickly, this für an allergic reaction – "for example, on a Antihistaminikum", Young says.