Help for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is itchy, tight or burning. More and more people suffer from it. What are the factors that the skin is sensitive, and what you Köbody care should be aware of

Your skin itches or feels tight? The proper care can provide relief

What is sensitive skin? This question länot the h answer clearly. For information to be easily irritierbarer skin, as experts say, are based only on subjective statements of the Affected. They report that it is tight, itches, stings, burns, rötet.

Objectively measurable criteria für such complaints exist. Although lässt to determine how much moisture the skin enthält or how fast she loses it. But that is not enough, a sensitive Hüto define lle; Problems when you Save it from moisture, characterize and dry complexion.

Sensitive skin reacts strongly to äußEUA stimuli

At least weiß now that the nerve endings in the skin, which signals how "it juckt" to the brain forward, Concerned look different than in people with normal skin. A researcher from the University hospital of Brest (France) has künewly a work veröpublished. 

Scientists from all over the world, in a specialist group on the topic of together closed, defined last year, sensitive skin in the journal Acta Dermato Venerologica as such, the particularly strong to stimuli of außen is not responding. "To these Stimuli, zämiss Wind, Kälte, Kosmetika", Professor Joachim Fluhr, says doctor and allergist skin at the Charité Berlin. He gehört of the group of experts.

Gestörte skin barrier as a cause

In this Definition, the skin of patients are included as a result of ­a skin disease more sensitive to respond. "To gehören rosacea, eczema, but also the perioral Dermatitis", Professor Claudia Borelli, &shy says;Head of the unit für Äaesthetic dermatology and Laser of the University skin clinic Tübingen. In this Fäcases, plays a gestörte skin barrier, most often, the skin can gen&uuml not;gend moisture save. 

"The top layer, the Epidermis, is different, because certain fats are not in the right Verhäthe ratio of produced or not properly arranged Eiwei&szlig are and certain;e werden&quot formed;, Professor Stephan Weidinger from the University Haut&shy says;clinic in Kiel. Also, some diabetics suffer with sensitive skin.

Why more and more people suffer from sensitive skin

In numerous publications heißt, the number of people with sensitive skin have increased. According to the cited study, and the details of between 40 and 50 percent of the Bev&ouml vary;aging of the population. But can that be right? To collect figures of something, für not currently a clear and generally accepted Definition seems to be difficult. Ädoctors, the reports are rising and patients rely more on their own experience in their practice than on hard facts.

Mödaily Gründe dafür that our skin becomes more sensitive, there are many, the experts agree. Among other things, respond more to people allergic to environmental substances as a few years ago. These so-called atopic people tend to have hay fever, eczema or Asthma, or suffer already – and to develop sometimes-sensitive skin.

Clean environment: The immune system looks for new tasks

Dermatologist and allergist Fluhr führt außbesides to that, today we are more our Köbody and ­äaesthetic considerations turn to the view stäamplifier on us. The fördere psycho­somatic aspects, also üabout the skin ausdrücover köcan, says the expert.

Above all, we come to little dirt or animals in Berücurrency. Many people live in großen Stäcities, but also in the country, it is cleaner than frü. From the connection between cleanliness and Allergies, as well as Überempfindlichkeit experts developed the Hygiene theory.

Claudia Borelli: "Children today have little contact with parasites and Würmern. Therefore, the immune system, simply put, a different Beschäemployment and aimed against themselves."

Too much Hygiene schädamage the protective sheath

The increased importance of Köbody hygiene can harm the skin directly. "Some people shower twice a Tag", the pharmacist Christian Jung from Hanover says. With so much heißem the water, maybe even with soap, to get to the ausgeklücan not cope the applicable self-regulatory system of the skin.

Normally, the protective jacket, consisting of fat recovered, Eiweißen and Schweiß, rapidly again. "Wäyou deleted but fünf Times in the hour, the Hände, üthe berfordert the Regenerationsfäthe ability of the Hautbarriere", erklärt physician Weidinger.

You read in the following image gallery, which needs care sensitive skin.

How to care for sensitive skin

How can I find a cream I can?

Let the samples pass. Then test a small amount on a sensitive area such as the crook of the arm. "Three Times a day, three days lang", Professor Andrea Bauer, allergic login and Dermatologist at the University of Dresden says. If you can tolerate the cream after this time, well, köyou can große-pack to buy and stick to it. 

I can only use care with no fragrance?

Unfortunately, Yes. Or, at least, with mö&shy as possible;little fragrance. Because they irritate sensitive skin. "Care should also &shy hardly;Preservatives enthalten", &shy stresses;Derma­tologe Weidinger – and also a ­­ aus­ge­wogenes Verhäratio of moisture and fat to provide the geschwäcompressed barrier to stäTurks. Too much grease, just a Film on the skin, the abdichte you. Then könne a build-up of heat.     

Various products are a Lösung?

May not. Normally, it comes with a cream through the summer, with a well through the Winter. "The maintenance in the Winter may be a bit rich, to dry air and Kälte auszugleichen", expert Bauer says.

The various products müshot not necessarily a skin care line. Maybe möyou, the hand cream a brand, but the face cream a others tolerate it better. It is important that you have a good Gefühl on the skin hinterlässt. And, in General, applies especially in the case of sensitive skin: Less is mehr.        

What Lotion should I use after the shower?

Put on some lotion immediately after showering. "This time a lot of people nicht", weiß Claudia Borelli, Chairman of the Association of Äaesthetic dermatology and cosmetology.

Für the body lotion is essentially the same as the für face cream: a little fragrance and preservatives, with a balanced mix between fat and water proportions. The lipids in the Lotion should möas those in the skin äto resemble. Jojoba, Nachtkerzenöl, Shea butter or ceramides. The product should be easy to apply.    

What about UV protection?

Never vernachläone-story. "Even through the blanket of clouds in the Winter, UV-Strahlung&quot penetrates;, so ­Hautärztin Borelli. Especially für rosacea-­Patients with sensitive skin, protection is important. "Rosacea is triggered by UV-light." Affected Borelli light protection factor of 50 is recommended in a für they suitable preparation. Who suffers from rosacea, für the a in a day care integrated UV-protection.  

What should I consider when Shaving?

You waive all wet shaving, when the skin then stäfully rötet, or with pimples is not responding. "Some Geräte at the cracks again and again, the hair follicles, then the H&auml grow;monarch ein", &Auml says;rztin ­Bauer.

As an Alternative to shaving foam she recommends face cream as a basis für the ­To use hair removal. Afterwards, neither too sharp ­­Gesichtswäwater and alcohol-containing products use – dry zusäin addition. Better something Nourishing, skin soothing, apply.  

Such as shower and bathe, I gently on the skin?

Wäselect rückfettende shower gels or Badezusätze. "No Soaps or Schaumbäder", rät dermatologist Weidinger. This skin degreasing. Better suitable for shower and Badeöle or synthetic detergents. Not all Köbody soap, but only the Places that are really cleaned mü. Afterwards, the skin with the towel, Pat dry, do not RUB or scratch. The can to Rösightings führen.  

Natural cosmetics is the better Alternative?

Not always. " ,Natürlich‘ heißt is not automatically better verträglich", Andrea Bauer says. Just äfour thousand five Öle or in Männerparfüms used oak moss have a high allergenic potential. Other natural substances such as Propolis or Teebaumöl köcan ­also irritate.

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