ZO Skin Health Reboots Serum to Stay on the Cutting Edge

Frustrated with products that don’t show results, more consumers are shifting to professional-grade skin care. Kline research reveals skin care sold by physicians is expanding faster than the general market.Mark Williams, president and chief executive officer of ZO Skin Health is well aware of the movement. He has spent the last two years tweaking the brand, founded by Dr. Zein Obagi, to deepen the commitment to the physician community. That includes the recent rebranding and elevation of ZO’s Growth Factor Serum.As the company continues to fortify the connection between physicians and consumers, ZO’s estimated sales have expanded to more than $100 million and are on track to grow 30 percent or more per year. Driving sales is the desire of doctors to bolster their percentage of revenues generated by skin-care products beyond industry averages of 18 percent. Coinciding with that, consumers want better, and faster, results they feel are provided by higher-grade products.“There is so much information out there today — more so than ever. With the data overload that is available to consumers and patients, we continue to see patients shift to the physician-dispensed skin-care channel, where they can get advice from physicians and skin-care professionals,” said Williams. He added the doctors know how to study the skin and can help patients decipher and distill the information they find on the Internet, in magazines or on social media, to select regiments that deliver results. ZO is distributed in physician offices only and through its network physician online store at zoskinhealth.com.ZO Growth Factor Serum had been in the lineup for nearly 10 years. “However, with our rebrand initiative we gave the product an upgrade by adding ingredients that enhance the penetration of the product, resulting in superior results,” Williams said. In particular, according to Rick Woodin, vice president of global research, development and engineering at ZO, there are consumers hesitant to use retinol because of concerns with irritation or peeling.The new ZO Skin Health Growth Factor Serum will be available in September and retails for $148. According to Woodin, the serum immediately reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and supports the long-term synthesis of collagen and elastin to reduce deep wrinkles. Additionally, the formula increases skin density and protects against future damaged. He presented clinicals illustrating an improvement of more than 50 percent in skin elasticity in two weeks and an improvement of 35 percent in skin firmness in two weeks.Without diving into details, Williams said next up for ZO will be to focus on compromised skin, an area where a new product will make its debut in early 2019. And despite the rash of mergers and acquisitions that are seeping into professional skin care, Williams said the company is not looking for a deep-pocket parent. “Our aim isn’t to get purchased by a large conglomerate, but to protect the legacy of Dr. Zein Obagi and ensure that physicians are the place where consumers turn for their skin-care needs.” 

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