Dry skin on the face: causes, symptoms and proper care

Dry skin requires a special care, because the protective barrier of fat and water is affected glands due to a low activity of the sebaceous. As a result, the skin can retain moisture worse. Affected often suffer from a feeling of tension and flaky skin. Proper care is therefore vital and can bring relief. What face creams are especially good for dry skin, you can find here.

Symptoms: How do you recognize dry skin?

The lack of moisture is particularly thin and sensitive areas of the face such as the lips, under the eyes, on the nose or on the cheeks. You can recognize dry skin, rough and scaly Spots, which can be associated with feelings of Tension and itching. In addition, the skin of the face may be stress-prone, and by external influences, such as temperature and environment, quickly, or irritated, be irritated, so that redness, and scaly Spots appearing more and more.

Which face cream is suitable for dry skin?

If you suffer from dry skin, it is important that you restore the moisture balance of your skin and the protective function is reactivated. This rich facial creams, Oils and serums are the best. Still, dry facial skin should not be over-nourishes, because the skin could be your own barrier function then, in turn, out of balance.

Building Face Cream

Maintain your skin after cleansing with a nourishing day or night cream. The cosmetic brand La Roche-Posay there are different skin care lines, including a special series, which is particularly well adapted to the care of dry skin. For sensitive and dry skin is the face cream Nutritic Intense well. The cream contains the active ingredient of PM lipids, so that the production of skin’s own lipids to be stimulated and the protection barrier can be built up layer for layer.

Soothing Face Cream

The Hydrance face cream Eau Thermale Avène thermal water to the skin long-lasting moisture and dry skin to calm down. The nourishing Texture of the cream will make your skin more suppleness and radiance. It is suitable according to manufacturer for the daily treatment of dry to very dry facial skin.

Cream for blemished and dry skin

The Effaclar H cream from La Roche-Posay is a soothing and balancing moisture care, especially for blemished skin is suitable. This applies in particular for skin that is irritated by drying acne treatment and scaly looks. The light Texture of the face cream is not fat and no sticky feeling on the skin. Dry, red and scaly areas of skin should be visible to be mitigated and to help them in the long term, a healthy-looking skin.

Natural cosmetics for dry skin

The natural cosmetics from Dr. Hauschka is suitable for sensitive skin. If you are a rich facial care for your dry and vulnerable skin, search for, could be the rose day cream suitable for you to be. To redness-prone skin is to be supplied with a lot of moisture, and thus a balance is needed. The face cream is not only suitable for dry and sensitive skin but also for Mature skin types.

Vegetable oils and hyaluronic acid

Natural cosmetics are said to have many positive properties, because the products are free of chemical additives. For dry facial skin are also a natural facial oils such as jojoba oil or almond oil. If you Oils rich are, you can also use a Serum with hyaluronic acid attack, the skin with intensive moisture supply can.

Causes for dry skin on the face

There are different causes for dry skin on the face. Stress can affect hormones the natural protective barrier of the skin is negative, as well as inflammatory skin diseases such as eczema and Psoriasis. Should you suffer from chronically dry skin, it is always advisable to visit the skin doctor to possible skin diseases to be clarified and a suitable treatment.

If you should be a smoker can be nicotine a factor of influence, because this is said to vessels and tissue to attack, so the facial skin of bad blood circulation, and support can lose end fibers their elasticity. Climatic conditions such as heat, cold, or dry heating air are considered as causes, because they cause the skin to emit increased moisture. The same applies to UV-rays, because they strengthen the skin aging in the face. Who dry skin prevention, should be every day, whether in Winter or in summer, a cream with UV-protection to apply. The Review of the daily used cosmetic products may also be useful, because the products are too aggressive, you can irritate the sensitive skin in addition.

Dry skin and Makeup

Anyone who suffers from dry skin on the face, know that Applying Make-up can reinforce the uneven skin even because Foundation or powder to settle on the scaly Bodies ugly. If you note the right order, you can apply makeup to your dry skin easily.

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