Our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, 2016

Here at the Fetch! Pet Care Headquarters, our Christmas tree is festively decorated with thoughtfully wrapped gifts for not only our office pets but also for our employees who, like many of us, are pet-themed-gift-loving pet lovers. Still have have a few items to check off your list for Fido, Figaro and friends? Well, look no further. We have curated for you this year’s best gifts for pets and pet lovers alike — our Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide, 2016…enjoy!


1. First up, this super cute personalized pet pillow

This is a great go-to for anyone on your list. Give it to your pet to snuggle with, or grab a few and use as decorative pillows for your home. Regardless, a personalized pet pillow seems downright pawesome. Just let the shop know upon ordering, your preferences for silhouette and written message.


2. iFetch

I know when I leave my house that my wonderful Fetch! Pet Care sitter, Amanda, will always take great care of my three dogs (and my fish and plants). However, I am a pet toy and gadget aficionado and happen to not only own but love my iFetch. It allows me the flexibility of giving my dogs their much needed exercise when I’m in a pinch for time — or simply if I don’t want to get my hands covered in lovely dog slobber. This creative device basically allows your dog to drop a ball inside and it then shoots it out through holes on either side of the device. In other words, your dog can play fetch with itself while you’re away!


3. Homemade treats for your four legged friend (or for your friend’s furry friend)

Not only is this a fun and affordable way to show someone you love them — gifts made by hand and heart are pretty much a win-win all-around. Recently, Celebrity Baker and Chef Christina Tosi shared her exclusive homemade pumpkin dog biscuit recipe with us. Give it a try! And, if you’re a novice baker like me, this particular recipe happens to be super easy and unintimidating to make. Presentation is key so find a cute box, your favorite paper, a satin ribbon, and viola! You now have a beautiful, yet simple and thoughtful holiday gift to give this year.


4. The Pet Cube Camera

Our customers love when their sitters send them text and verbal updates while they’re away from home. Even though Fetch! Pet Care is known for our exceptional communication with our customers for peace of mind and transparency, it doesn’t hurt to have an added layer of visibility. Enter…Petcube! With the Pet Cube Camera, you can install it in your home at your dog’s height so that you can see or chat with your beloved fur baby directly on your smart device. Pretty cool, huh?


5. A teepee! 

Regular pets can be boring although some brands have really stepped up the pet bed game. However, 2016 was the year of the teepee. Okay okay… it’s not a dog or cat essential, but come on — how cute is this? We love the Angie Pet Teepee from Joss & Main. Check it out here.


6. The chic and easy-to-clean Lotus Cat Tower

Cats love to hide and be high up where they can see their surroundings from above. They also need to scratch. There are regular cat towers and scratching posts, but then there’s The The Lotus Cat Tower. If you notice, this beautiful tower is mostly made of wood so that means less cat fur will stick to it making it an actual cat tower you can wipe down! Figaro can climb, scratch, nap — climb higher — climb lower. The sky’s the limit! Available in both Mahogany and Espresso, this piece will easily blend in with your personal home decor’s style.


7. A Lump of Coal

Sure, you could get your dog a bunch of classic tennis balls. He’ll love them no matter what. But if your pup has been particularly naughty this year, then have some fun and get him a lump of coal that’s also a ball. Sometimes gifts are more for your then they are for your pet, so this one’s sure to make you giggle some.


8. A Gift Card for Fetch! Pet Care: Professional Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services

Here’s a recent testimonial from a loyal customer, Amy M., out of our Fetch! Pet Care Los Angeles Westside location:

“I would gladly recommend Fetch! Pet Care to a friend or business associate. I appreciate this business for it’s flexibility and willingness to put it’s customers first.”

…and here’s what Frances S. had to say about his experience with us:

“We have used Fetch! Pet Care a few times when we traveled to France. This year Jill had our 3 boys for a month. We could not be more pleased with her and how she took care of Rollie, Beethoven, and Berlioz. The boys loved all the time in their yard. Jill took pictures of the boys for my wife Anne-Marie’s birthday and shared them on Facebook. It made her very happy to see the boys having a good time. We would HIGHLY recommend Jill and the rest of Sue’s crew to anyone.”

Need we say more? Grab a handful of gift cards as stocking stuffers right here at FetchPetCare.com and give the gift of happy pets and pet parents alike.


9. Cat Carrier Hoodie

Cats love being in your lap whether you like it or not. So, if you’re stuck carrying them around anyway, you may as well do it effortlessly with this crafty cat carrier hoodie. It’s special kangaroo-esque pocket is the ideal cuddle spot not only for your cat but for small breed dogs, too.


10. Mustache Chew Toy

This may be more for you than the dog, but this tough rubber chew toy looks like an epic mustache when your dog decide’s he’d like to chew. Not to mention this makes for a hilarious Instagram-worthy post. If you do end up buying this for your dog, make sure to tag your Instagram photos with #FetchPetCare for consideration for a regram!

What are some gifts that you’ll be gifting this year? Let us know in the comments below or ping us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We’d love to hear from you! Happy gifting!

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