How Pets Change Our Lives

Happy Change a Pet’s Life Day! There is simply no greater feeling than knowing you changed an animal’s life for the better. And we could not be more grateful for those who do! But as many pet parents know, this is not a one-way street. Pets change our lives just as much we change theirs! Whether your furry friend provides emotional support or just a buddy to hang out with, there’s no limit to the joy and comfort these animals bring us.

So, in honor of today and all that pets bring to our lives, we wanted to share how some previous ASPCA Adoption Center residents have brightened and changed their pet parents’ lives!

Li’l Sebastian

“Li’l Sebastian came to us from a life of cruelty and neglect. He could have given up, but he didn’t. He has shown us that no matter what we go through, we can still find the positive and live our lives to the fullest each and every day. His strength and unconditional love have taught us how to live and love through gratitude and compassion.” – Lacie D., Li’l Sebastian’s pet parent.


“Bumblebee [formerly known as Triscuit] came into my life at a perfect time to be honest. Not only was this whole pandemic at full force, I was also going through a harsh break up. Bumblebee came to me with splints and fractures, so I helped him heal physically and he helped me heal mentally/emotionally. He always has a ton of playful energy and loves to cuddle.” -Bridget H., Bumblebee’s pet parent.


“Adopting Sully from the BRC here in Weaverville in June—three months after our dog Sookie died – turned out to be the smartest, most healing thing we have done during this year of incalculable rapture and loss. Sully has taught us that love is a renewable resource, even after and amidst devastating grief. We can’t imagine our lives without him.” – Peggy W., Sully’s pet parent.


“Adopting Bianca has really changed our lives for the better. She is so loving and is the best company. I suffer from anxiety, and she always knows when I am stressed out, and gives me the best cuddles.” -Jennifer H., Bianca’s pet parent.

Rupert and Kibbeh

“They make us appreciate our neighborhood more as we get to interact with more people than we normally would. And not only people who walk their dogs, but people who want to meet Rupert and learn about his stuffed car! Kibbeh [formerly known as Schmitt] has taught us about resiliency and trust.”- Yasmine A., Rupert and Kibbeh’s pet parent


“Marbles has changed our lives in such a positive way. Our daily lives basically revolve around him, just trying to make him feel happy and comfortable makes us happy. We love discovering what he likes or he does not like. We had very little information about his background so learning what he likes is like discovering a new part of him. This year has not been easy for any of us, but just having a companion like Marbles makes us forget for a second that we are living in a difficult moment in human history.” – Maria S., Marbles’ pet parent.


“The experience with Lily has been amazing. The best decision I have ever taken in my life and she is an amazing companion. I will always remember the kindness of all the ASPCA team.” – Marco B., Lily’s pet parent.


“Making a dog part of your life makes life better. We’re devoted to Marty. And he takes care of us too.” – Stephen F., Marty’s pet parent.


“Slimer has been a really great friend to have waiting for me at home and keeping me company this year. She’s given me an excuse to get outside and helped me meet new people on the street and at the dog park. She can be a handful at tomes and is a real responsibility, but the fun we have makes it work it.” – Owen R., Slimer’s pet parent.


“We are at our best selves when we are loving unconditionally. The thousands of photos we’ve taken of Sanderson simply being a cat—at play, sleeping, cuddling, waking us up by knocking stuff over or finding a new surface to explore—have only been outmatched by the thousands of times we have said how much we love our cat. He’s given our lives levity within the 2020 storm.” – Erin G. and Sara B., Sanderson’s pet parents.


“Zola has truly added hilarity, and a whole lot of love and snuggles to our lives. If she’s not being spunky and funny, she is begging to be close to you, worming her slinky body onto your lap. We are so happy we chose to add this little quirky pit to our lives.” – Meghan C., Zola’s pet parent.

Making more second chances possible and changing lives for the better is something we make a priority every day at the ASPCA. You can help make even more new beginnings possible when you consider opening your heart and home to a furry friend in need. Use our resources to find a shelter near you today! 

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