Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dog Walking

If you are a new pet parent and just entering the wonderful world of dog walking, we know you have a lot of questions. Heck, even if you’ve been walking your pooch for ages, there’s still room to learn how to make the experience even better, right? Since we happen to know a thing or two about dog walking, we thought we’d share a few tips to help you get started in the right direction. Sound like fun? Well, let’s jump right into it then!


Why Dog Walking is So Important

You’ve got a grand backyard and your dog has plenty of toys to occupy her, so why is a walk still necessary? Well, dogs like to explore, hunt and discover new sights and smells as a part of their nature. A backyard romp is nice, but nothing beats a good long walk around the neighborhood.

Dog walking is also an important form of exercise for your dog (and you!), as well as a great way for you two to spend quality time together!


How Often Should Your Dog Be Walked?

We recommend walking your dog at least two times per day for a period of 20 minutes up to an hour or more each time. Depending upon your dog’s breed, weather conditions and her health, you may adjust the time and distance that you walk, but we do not recommend walking less than 20 minutes at a time twice per day.


Dog Walking Supplies

Basic dog walking supplies include:

A safe leash that is as comfortable for your dog as it is for you. Make sure it’s not too heavy, but that it is sturdy enough to allow you to control your dog’s movements with relative ease.

A poop bag to clean up after your dog.

For longer walks, be sure to take a water bottle (especially on warm days) and treats.


Your Dog’s Nose Leads Her

Dogs who are excited about being outdoors or in a new place will often move ahead of their owners on a walk. If your pooch does this, understand that she is not trying to lead you or establish dominance during your time together, but she is anxious to explore every scent that her little wet nose can find and she wants to hurry on to the next one as soon as she can.

In some cases, a dog leading the way just may be due to a need for more exercise. Again, take your dog walking often to help burn some of that anxious energy off. Use treats and rewards to help your dog learn to be patient and walk at a pace that is comfortable to you without pulling. With practice and time, she will understand that you are establishing a routine together and that she doesn’t have to smell the entire world at once!


Same Path Every Day?

Dog walking routines can get a little humdrum at times, so it’s nice to mix things up a little by choosing a different route or even making a game out of dog walking. While this can be exciting for you and your dog, remember that she also establishes a territory by sniffing around and marking a familiar path. So, when you want to try something different, feel free, but don’t think that you have to give your pup a new experience everyday. As long as she’s with you, getting good exercise and spending quality time, she’ll be happy wherever you walk!


More Dog Walking Questions?

Remember that Fetch! Pet Care is always here to answer your dog walking questions. And should you ever find you need someone to walk your dog for you, we’re happy to do that as well! The time has now come for you to share your best dog walking tips in the comment well below and remember to share this post with a few fellow dog lovers in your life, too!

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