DOG SITTER: Loving Pets For a Living

Become a dog sitter and find your happy place!

Have you ever watched a dog sitter in action and thought how much fun it must be to work with pets for a living? Have you ever wished you could become a stay-at-home-pet-parent and spend more time with your fur babies? Does the idea of walking dogs and caring for cats sound infinitely better than your current day job? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you just might find joy and happiness as a paid dog sitter!

Not long ago, I met a woman who is counting down the days left until her retirement from a high level law enforcement career. While she’s enjoyed making a difference on the job, she can’t wait to bid it adieu. Asked what she plans on doing after her retirement and her eyes lit up as she talked about her plans to become a dog walker. Having loved animals, especially dogs, for as long as she can recall, this woman is joining the proud ranks of so many others who are following a passion for pets to become a dog walker and/or a pet sitter.

How to Become a Pet Sitter

Preparing to become a pet sitter or dog walker begins with a love for animals. You must also have experience caring for animals and a willingness to help owners who are in need of a trustworthy and reliable pet sitter. Training in how to properly care for pets and how to deal with emergencies is a must. Although not required, some sitters choose to become certified in pet CPR and first-aid. Of course, superior customer service skills, patience and a pleasant demeanor are also necessary and can help a new pet sitter build a regular clientele rather quickly.

While you can approach pet sitting on your own as a freelancer, you’ll probably benefit more from joining a team of experienced professionals like those found at Fetch! Pet Care. By joining a nationwide pet sitting and dog walking company, you benefit from larger advertising efforts and greater brand recognition. Your personal liability is also reduced since your services are insured in the unlikely event that something ever goes wrong at work. Some of the other benefits and services handled for you by a pet sitting company include:

  • Service requests
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Collections
  • Continuing education
  • Backup sitters are provided, as needed
  • Flexible scheduling

What to Expect On the Job

Many sitters provide pet sitting for pets while owners are away. During that time, a dog walker or pet sitter will not only check on a pet’s well-being, but also feed, exercise and play with the animal during a visit. Medications and special care instructions can also be provided by a dog sitter.

More often than not, you will be asked to provide care at the pet’s own home, which can include overnight stays. Some owners may also call upon you to provide boarding services in your own home, too. Other owners may even need a sitter’s pet taxi services help in transporting and accompanying an animal to medical and grooming appointments.

You can expect to be asked to primarily take care of cats and dogs most of the time as a pet sitter, but other animals will also need your services from time to time. A few of these include:

  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Lizards
  • Snakes
  • Pet rodents

If you live in a rural area, your services may even be expanded to include horses, cows, chickens and other livestock!

The Benefits of Becoming a Dog Sitter

By becoming a dog sitter as a freelancer or in working for a pet care company, you will be able to set your own schedule. This means that you can finally design your days to fit in all of the other things you like to do while still earning an income by doing something you love. This also means more time to spend with your own pets who will deeply appreciate having you around more often!

In the same way that you are a concerned pet parent, there are so many others out there who just are not able to take time off to care for every one of their dog’s needs. As a dog sitter, you can rest assured in knowing that you are making a respected difference in the lives of pets and pet owners in your immediate area. Providing such a service brings immeasurable rewards to you as the sitter and to loving pet owners everywhere!

Need More Pet Sitter Information?

What specific questions do you have about becoming a dog sitter? Are you currently working as a sitter or a dog walker and have any insight you care to share? Leave your questions and comments below and don’t forget to visit our main site for more information on becoming a dog sitter.

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