Catios Can Be Built in Three Hours or Less, and Let Your Cats Enjoy the Outdoors Safely

  • Vehicles: Cats that do not possess street smarts can find themselves confused and dart in and out of traffic without realizing the danger,
  • Unfriendly Animals: Cats that have been sheltered in a home probably has not encountered hostile threats and will not understand what is occurring when face-to-face with an angry animal,
  • Disease: Cats can be exposed to harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses by coming in contact with other animals, garbage, feces or poisonous materials such as antifreeze,
  • Harsh Conditions: Weather conditions can change within seconds, leaving your cat exposed to the elements; wind, rain, snow etc., 
  • Humans: Not all people are animal lovers and there have been cases of humans injuring cats for digging in its yard or hunting birds on their property

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