For Susan the Paramedic, GoodRx is More than Just a Money-Saving Tool

Susan has been with the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department for 20 years. She used to work alongside firefighters on the rescue truck up until three years ago, when she headed up their community paramedic program. Now, she splits her time between the office at the fire department and following up with folks after an emergency visit.

Susan visits people who might need extra help at home, especially if they’ve been taken to the hospital. They’re usually referred to Susan by the firefighters, and she makes six to eight home visits every month. They are well taken care of by Susan, who provides home or hospice care, transportation to and from hospitals or clinics, and food or groceries. Susan also makes sure their homes are set up properly to prevent accidents like falls.

Susan also brings her computer with her on home visits in case a patient doesn’t have a computer or smartphone of their own, or isn’t great at using them. She says it’s important to help senior patients register for things like hurricane evacuations. After a storm passes, the Coral Springs-Parkland Fire Department will check up on those who’ve indicated they wanted to stay put.

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