PSA: Dr Pimple Popper Just Released Her Own Blackhead Tweezers

Sucker for a satisfying squeeze? You’re bound to have heard of Dr Pimple Popper, aka Sandra Lee. She’s the dermatologist behind those viral gnarly extraction videos that 99% of us closet sickos hate to love.

Now, she’s released a brand-new tool that will allow popaholics everywhere to successfully (and safely) clear their clogged pores at home. Yup, total game-changer.

“Say hello to my NEW little friend… THE OFFICIAL DR. PIMPLE POPPER BLACKHEAD TWEEZERS,” she wrote in an Instagram announcement on Wednesday. 

“Remove blackheads like never before. Medical grade, super precise & extra SATISFYING.”

Speaking with Bustle, Dr. Lee explained that the tweezers are especially designed for coaxing those little suckers out of their hiding spots, without damaging the skin.

“I’ve always searched for a tool that could gently and safely pinch and squeeze the skin, much like fingers of Q-tips can, but can do this in some nooks and crannies, getting into very tight corners on the skin and do this more gently and safely and in the most sterile, medical manner,” she said.

“There’s something extra satisfying about using tweezers for extracting to actually pinch and squeeze the skin delicately and I wanted to create something perfect to pull out those blackheads!” 

For the ultimate clean out, Dr. Lee recommends using the tweezers in addition to the comedone extractor tool also available on her website.

To start: use the extractor to “push from above to push the blackhead out.” Then, finish up with the tweezers to “squeeze from the sides, below the blackhead, to coax it from under the skin.” 

But before you completely go to town on your face, proceed with caution.

“You can absolutely use both blackhead extraction tools in-between professional extractions, but of course, you need to be careful and make sure you are doing so properly with the least amount of trauma to your skin,” she said.

“Just remember that with anything pimple related – there is a time to pop and a time to stop!” Sound advice.

Wanna see the tweezers in action? Check out the video below.

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