Hailey Bieber Revealed the Simple Flatiron Technique Behind Her Signature Beach Waves

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Every now and then, Hailey Bieber gives fans the rundown on her tried-and-true beauty routines via YouTube. She's already shared her nightly skin-care routine and at-home facial regimen, but in her latest YouTube video, she's dropping her go-to beach wave hair routine "for an evening of fun." Thankfully, it's suitable for both beach wave newbies and pros. 

Although there are a plethora of curling irons and wands that can help with creating loose beach waves, Bieber's simple technique proves that using a flatiron is just as effective. As she's demonstrating the technique, she admits she can't gather the words to describe the exact motion she uses to make the waves, but she concludes by saying she makes "kind of just a wave motion" throughout each section of the hair. 

To create her loose beach waves, Bieber uses a Dyson Corrale Straightener, which she says was a gift from hairstylist Jen Atkin. However, she doesn't go in with the flatiron right away and explains that prepping the hair before and after making the waves is a must. She always washes her hair before styling and likes to add some volumizing spray to her hair before blow-drying. Her go-to volumizing spray is Ouai's Volume Spray. After blow-drying, Bieber sprays each section of her hair with some texturizing spray and clips up the top layer of her hair. Then, she's ready to make some waves with her flatiron. She likes to start at the bottom layer of her hair and then finish with the top layer. 

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener

Ouai Volume Spray

Once she's finished the whole head, Bieber looks for any areas on her hair that may need some retouching. When she's satisfied with the results, she applies texturizing spray one more time. Then she sprays some dry shampoo on her roots — but her post-styling routine doesn't end just yet. For what she calls her "last-last step," she sprays a light-hold hairspray all over her hair. 


The next time you're going out on a date or to dinner with friends, consider taking some hair pointers from Bieber. To check out her go-to beach wave routine, watch the video above. 

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