Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Experience With Pregnancy Cellulite

After finally confirming she’s expecting her first child with boyfriend Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian has been keeping her followers posted about the ups and downs of her pregnancy.

At seven months along, the 33-year-old recently revealed one of the surprising changes her body is going through.

“I now have cellulite on my legs! Cute! Cute!” she tweeted. “‘Pregnancy may make cellulite look worse for a while, because the weight that you gain in pregnancy could make it more noticeable.'”

The reality star followed up by explaining than she, like many women, had cellulite before falling pregnant.

“I feel like I’ve always had cellulite but it’s way more prominent at the moment,” she wrote, before adding, “So far no stretch marks. So I’m happy about that, the perks of being chubby previously. Lol my tummy knows how to stretch.”

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However, some fans weren’t happy with the way she spoke about the natural and unavoidable side effect. 

“Stretch marks are tiger stripes you earn as a mum,” one wrote. “I wish celebrities would embrace pregnancy and not worry about their body image.”

But Khloe was quick to clap back.

“How do you know that I’m not embracing it? I am enjoying every moment! I love it all. My body is a real body just as yours is. Everywoman [sic] has different shapes and sizes. That’s the beauty of us being women.”

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