Who is it for: Early adopters, tech-types who idolise Steve Jobs.

Why we love it: If Apple has taught us anything, it’s that we’re all happy to get our geek on (as long as it’s beautifully packaged, of course).

BMW’s designers knew this when they created the i3, a car that looks like it has just driven here from 2035. It’s futuristic, from the cabin that feels like a high-end furniture shop to an electric motor that produces no nasty carbon dioxide at all.

The new generation electric motors deliver up to 200km of range between charges. You can also purchase a range extender; a tiny motorcycle engine that runs on petrol and can recharge your batteries when they’re low.

All i3s sold in Oz also have a built-in SIM card so the car can talk to BMW and provide advice about your battery range based on traffic and the weather.

Everything about the i3 feels good, from how you’re saving the environment to the airy and modern interior, but looking this good – and wearing a BMW badge – was never going to come cheap. Prices start at $63,900.

Look out for: The vegan interior, an option also available in the i30 model – it’s made from specially chosen eco-fibres instead of cow hides. True story.

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