5 Ways To Have A Healthy Easter, According To A Nutritionist

Most of us associate Easter with letting go of our healthy routines and a long weekend full of indulgences! However, it is possible to enjoy Easter whilst also taking care of your body, mind and soul. Here are five ways to have a healthy Easter.

Start the day right

We all know that how we choose to start our day, especially food wise, can greatly impact the remainder of our day! Over Easter I encourage you to stick to your usual breakfast routine and make sure you include a source of protein at breakfast time. This will help to stabilise appetite, keep energy in check and reduce chocolate cravings during the day. Protein options include eggs, yoghurt, ricotta/cottage cheese, milk, nuts and seeds such as hemp, tofu/tempeh, salmon and hemp protein powder.

Practice moderation

It goes without saying – all foods are ok in moderation! Easter is the ideal time to put this into practice. Savour the chocolate and goodies you receive over the Easter period and make them part of your healthy balanced diet as opposed to the focus of your diet! Keep to your usual eating regime and add in a treat after dinner or as snack. Most importantly, let go of the belief that one treat will undo your hard work and you may as well write off the entire day.

Move daily

Keeping up with exercise over Easter is important for keeping the mind clear and keeping energy levels up. Choose movement, which you enjoy and doesn’t seem like a chore. This will help encourage you to remain active. Planning social events around movement can be a great idea too, such as going for a beach walk before breakfast or hiking with a group of friends.

Eliminate guilt

At the same time as practicing moderation, I also encourage you to let go of guilt around food; guilt will only create further stress and can trigger an unhealthy relationship with food. This year feel confident that your body can handle a few treats over the Easter period and you and entitled to enjoyment from them.

Plan ahead

Public holidays often mean we don’t have access to our usual resources and need to plan ahead. To make sure you aren’t caught short and have to rely on foods which don’t make you feel your best, either plan some meals in advance of prioritise going to the shops and stocking the fridge with healthy ingredients. It can be as simple as visiting the farmer’s markets and stocking up or simply picking up a few items to snack on in-between catch-ups.

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