Base Body Babes Reveal The Biggest Myth That They Hear

Felicia and Diana are the phenomenally fit sisters behind Instagram and fitness empire Base Body Babes. They specialise in training women including some high-profile names like Leah Simmons and Laura Dundovic. We sat down and asked them what was the most popular myth they heard when it came to health and fitness so we could help them squash it for good! Here’s how it went down. 

“There is definitely one standout question that we regularly get asked and that is “will lifting weights make me bulky?”.  

To be completely honest, this isn’t exactly a myth, the reality is, lifting weights does build muscle and can make you bigger than you may like if correct programming and good nutrition are not carefully applied to suit your goals.

So although this topic of conversation isn’t entirely a myth, we do believe it is something that women need to better understand before they say no to lifting weights. One of the main goals of lifting weights is to build muscle.

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“As women, hormonally, we lack certain hormones that men possess more of which allow men to build muscle at a much faster rate, but it doesn’t actually mean that women can’t build muscle. We can and there is nothing wrong with that, but it is important to understand how to correctly develop that muscle to achieve your desired feminine physique.

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“As fitness professionals who have worked extensively with women with varying goals, we have a very good understanding of what most women want. The majority of our clients want to build a booty, have lean, toned limbs and a flat tummy, which is achieved with weight training.

However, finding the correct balance can be difficult if you do not understand training and nutrition. Achieving these results comes down to correct programming and technique, understanding human movement and of course good nutrition. So if you are unsure of how to train correctly to create your desired feminine proportions, invest in a professional to help you achieve your goals.”

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