With Fitness Star Whitney Simmons: Intense circuit training workout for the Gym or for the home

What a beautiful day for a full-body workout – when you had these thoughts, then you should directly two Weights of catch, and the new Power-circuit training Fitness-Influencerin Whitney Simmons.

The Workout consists of five Exercises and is designed as a circuit training. Depending on how hard you want to work-out you can so the process repeat again and again.

Here’s how: Each Exercise consists of ten repetitions. After you have completed all five Exercises, you’re doing a minute or two break and start again.

The Exercises step-by-step

Whitney used for the Training of two dumbbells, you can, instead, but, of course, a Kettlebell or the like, or the weight of the whole of omit.

1. Lateral raise squat to front raise

The first Exercise it directly in. Squats are not only effective for legs and Butt with this Exercise you train also your arms and shoulders.

Take in each Hand a dumbbell apart, and place the legs further than hip width apart. Do a Squat and run at the same time the arms sideways up to the shoulders. Stay in the Squatposition. Make sure that you the weight on your heels shift.

Then you’re up to your arms from the side to the bottom, and then stretched out to the front and at the top. If you go back, you take the arms back down.

2. Neutral grip curl to press to overhead tricep extension

The second Exercise focuses on the biceps and triceps. You take a hüftbreiten Stand and the legs slightly bent.

Then you’re doing a bicep curl, and follow the arms from there to the top of your head. Then you stretch your arms back. Make sure that your elbows remain close to the head. From there, you’re up to your arms the same way back down.

3. Dumbbell halo to static lateral lung

The third Exercise focuses on your Buttocks, your Abductors and shoulders. Take a Sumosquat Position and a dumbbell between your hands.

Lead your hands with the barbell up and do a circular motion around your head. Then you hold the barbell at chest height and shift your weight to your right leg. Do a lateral Squat.

If you come back in the middle, are you doing the circular motion to your head. Then shift your weight to your left leg and follow the Exercise on the page.

4. Pulmonary renegade row to jumping lungs

For Exercise number Four, you take the dumbbells in your hands and do a lunge. The Good: Lunges use lots of large muscles, and burn so many calories.

Flexion in the pulmonary Position your torso to the front and perform with both arms in a rowing motion.

Then, you have to take the dumbbells, verschränkst the hands in front of chest and move with a jump, the leg.

5. High plank hold to front raise

For the last Exercise, you set aside to put your Weights and take the high Plank Position. Place the legs further than hip width apart and the arms slightly bent.

Then you put alternating your arms up to shoulder height to the front.

So you get this circuit training is also a real sweat, you do now all five Exercises, each with ten repetitions once again in a row.

Anna Lena Lüthje

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