This Simple and Savage Lunge Series Will Crush Your Legs

Lunges are tougher on the legs than they look, especially when you load up on the weight and take it for a walk. Do heavy rounds with a barbell on your back like trainer Paul Sklar, C.S.C.S., does in this recent Instagram video, and you’ll have new respect for the exercise.

Sklar lunges with a good amount of weight, 225 pounds, but the benefits from the movement are about more than just using heavy loads. The trainer urges anyone who wants to try the workout to start light, then progress as you adapt to the exercise. That’s an approach you should use for every type of move, whether you’re walking with weight on your back or not.

Using a barbell gives more than just his legs a challenge. He loads his spine, pelvis, and hip joints throughout the movement, making the this a structural exercise, and the position attacks his core, too. Like he says, this walking lunge series is all about building the strongest foundation possible.

Take on 5 rounds of 10 lunge walks with 2 to 3 minutes of rest between sets. Make sure to use all that rest so that you can fully recover for the work periods—that will allow you to actually work with as much weight as you possibly can. Also, as Sklar notes, save some room in the tank to walk the barbell back to the rack.

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If your start with the right mindset, the results will follow. Build the strongest foundation you can with this waking lunge series that will leave your legs screaming for more?Start with light weight and work your way up to the big time weights slowly?? The video shows how I set up the series from a half squat rack and walk into position. Make sure you have enough gas to get it back to the rack?? -5 rounds 10 lunge walks with the heaviest weight YOU can handle with 2-3 min rest between -My Barbell Weight 225lbs ?Look for the exact workout including prep work in next months #paulsklarxfit365 programming available in my bio link or #functionaltraining #functionalfitness #legworkout #legday #coreworkout #fitnessmotivation

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Check out this guide for some general notes on lunge posture. Here are a few pointers on form specific to this version of the move, too:

Step your back foot forward in one step if you can, but there’s no shame in matching your feet briefly before continuing forward. The priority here is to stay stable.

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