The Best At Home HIIT Workout For Weight Loss

Up your game and boost your metabolism with PT Anna Reich’s home-or-away quick-fire workouts.

Follow this formula:

2 minute warm-up (do the following exercises at a slower pace)
20 seconds all-out
2 minute rest
3 minute cool-down (walking and/or dynamic stretching)
Repeat 3 times

Choose from these options as your all-out exercise:

1. Sky scrapers

How to: Start with one knee up, opposite arm up above you and the other hand in front of your face. Jog those knees up, contracting your abs to help pull up your knees, swapping arms as you go. Your ‘rest period’ is a march.
Works: Glutes, quads, shoulders, abs.
Intensify: Hold on to weights or water bottles and add some ankle weights. No slowing down!

2. Squatting punches

How to: Sit in a semi-squat and bring your fists up to your face. Punch fast, using your core so you’re not throwing your arms out. Use muscle not momentum! Your glutes and thighs should be working hard to maintain that seated position. Your ‘rest period’ is a soft squat side-step.
Works: Glutes, quads, back, shoulders, abs.
Intensify: Drop your squat lower.

3. Pillow fight

How to: Kneel on something soft then grab a pillow by the corners. Take it up and around
to the left, slam it down, fast, and repeat to the right. Tighten your core and glutes. For your ‘rest period’ is when you lift your bottom from your heels, coming up on to your knees.
Works: Core, shoulders, glutes, quads, abs.
Intensify: Stuff a towel inside to add weight.

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