Superhero Fit Workout Move of the Day: Bottom Up Walking Lunge

If you’re training for a body fit for a superhero flick, grab a set of kettlebells and add the double bottom up walking lunge to your workout routine.

The lower body exercise gives you a chance to hone your balance, build up your legs, and punish your core, all in one move. That’s why Don Saladino, trainer to Ryan Reynolds, Sebastian Stan, and other superhero actors, calls the double bottom up walking lunge a “great bang for your buck move.”

“It’s a variation of a walking lunge — but there’s better recruitment of your core, shoulder, and scapular stability,” Saladino told “So at the same time you’re destroying your legs, you’re recruiting more of your upper body.”

To perform the double bottom walking lunge, you’ll need a two kettlebells. Make sure they’re on the lighter side, especially if it’s your first time attempting the move — keeping the weights balanced in position will be a challenge in and of itself.

Hold one kettlebell in each hand by the handle, raising both of them up so the bottom portion of the implement where the weight is stands upright. Lunge one step, touching your knee lightly on the ground before immediately lunging with your other leg to move forward. Keep your back straight, your core tight, and the kettlebells in position throughout the exercise.

You’ll feel the burn in your legs, your core, and your arms, too — especially if you’re doing the move correctly by walking forward in a straight line, without veering to one side or the other.

Try adding the double bottom up walking lunge to your lower body workouts with 4 sets of 10 reps, each step counting for one rep. If you have a ton of space, lunge for 20 yards for 4 rounds. For more superhero-body building moves, you can check out Saladino’s full program.

If you need a set of kettlebells for lunges at home, check out these options from Onnit.

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