Say it right: How happy couples talk to each other

In any partnership, also the sound makes the music. So you should talk to each other, if you want your sky hangs full of fiddles.

1. “I don’t want to, but I would prefer to do that.”

Be honest to each other and talk about your needs. In the attempt to make the other always somehow right, and wishes to lip read, the result is often unnecessary misunderstandings.

Tip: Instead of saying what you want everything, you should say what you want instead. This gives you a new Alternative, rather than simply a proposal to reject.

2. “Now, all joking aside, I’m serious.”

Irony and joking around are a must in any relationship, but it is also important to come to a serious Level, if necessary.

From the Moment in which everything is only ironically packaged, it may be said, it will be quickly hurtful, or sarcastic – this is the best way to talk about things without talking about.

This is frustrating and makes you angry, so quickly, negative feelings build up.

3. “Get dressed, today we take a trip!”

Just an idea to put into action and have an announcement to make, the doing of any relationship in between good times.

Of course, it is nice to make plans together and coordinate, but still a little initiative and did not desire to neglect also.

Such announcements require way too much trust in the partner’s reaction, and show how well you really know and understand.

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4. “We’ll make it!”

This small sentence can make a seemingly large obstacle is suddenly quite small.

To solve the statement, “we” makes it clear that the other might not be directly affected by the Problem, but both partners are interested in with the same seriousness of it.

You fight in a Team and the power of the Individual is not only twice as strong, but the Problem with only a set of only half the size.

5. “Do you know that you’re the Greatest for me?!”

Tells you just what you mean to you.

It’s not always the three magic words, but also simple phrases like “You’re the Best thing that could happen to me” or “You’re my best friend” create closeness, intimacy and trust.

Positive Feedback give you on a regular basis. Sweet is never as long as it comes from the heart.

Mareike Kalbitz

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