Keto cycling diet is the new go-to weight loss trick. Here’s everything you need to know

Keto diet has seen sudden popularity because of its dramatic results. Almost everyone who’s looking to lose weight has contemplated on trying it out or has already slipped into ketosis (seasoned ketoers, we’re looking at you). But just like all fad dietsthat are still evolving, now there’s a new version of keto diet that is getting people excited. It’s called keto cycling.

What’s keto cycling?

Keto cycling, also called as Cyclical Ketogenic Diet, or CKD for short, is actually a less-restrictive form of keto (yes, this means more carbs. Yaaay!), for those who are looking for an alternative to this extreme diet to lose weight and stay fit.

When you first start keto, you go on a zero-carb diet. And when your body shows withdrawal symptoms, you come down with “keto flu”. This means that your body shifts from burning carbs and sugar for energy to burning fat. And just like any flu, you’ll experience some symptoms such as headaches, stomach ache, insomnia and dizziness. But once your body is used to it, the symptoms fade out. However, if these symptoms continue it means that you’ve gone overboard with your carb restriction, which is where keto cycling comes into play.

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So, keto cycling means having five to six days of strict ketogenic dietand then one cheat day of higher carbs. You eat low-carbs through the week and allow yourself one cheat meal day of high carb food. The goal is to switch out of ketosis to refill muscle glycogen.

So, should you try it?

According to experts there’s no concrete research into the benefits of keto cycling. Eating a low carb meal can be good for some, but may not work out for others. And if you’re following keto diet, as soon as you eat carbs, you’ll move out of ketosis.

However, going in and out of ketosis may not just benefit your hormones but may also help you deal with the diet in a better way. Giving yourself a few breaks can help you focus on the rest of the strict, structured days.

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Now, if you are worried about getting into ketosis again, then here’s a small tip. For people who have been on the keto diet for long can easily bounce back into ketosis. Also, opting for low GI complex carbs on your cheat days can help you make the transition easier.

But here are some things to keep in mind before you try Cyclical Ketogenic Diet or keto cycling.

Do not eat after 6pm on the last day of carb refeeding.

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Day 1 of keto diet: Wake up and perform HIIT or intense weight training on an empty stomach. After the workout start your keto diet with 0-2 % carbs.

Day 2 of keto diet: Wake up and perform MISS (medium intensity steady state) or medium intensity weight training, again on empty stomach. Return to normal keto diet with 3-5% of carb intake.

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