How was your weekend running?

Ah, the classic British bank holiday weekend. Rain, rain and just for a change this August, some more rain. I have three pairs of waterlogged running shoes outside the front door, very slowly drying out. And yes, I have stuffed them with newspaper (see, print is not dead!) but even the sheltered front porch is permeated with damp.

Not that I’m complaining, I actually love running in the rain – at least when the weather is mild and there’s no danger of serious chill-factor. Which is lucky, as I think most of my runs last week took place in it. And what a heavy week it was: 74 miles for me (119km). Admittedly that’s largely because I had to do two long runs within that week, but still. 23 miles of rain on Monday and an 18 mile marathon pace effort (well, ok, 16 miles at marathon pace and two staggering around Battersea Park at a jog). Four weeks from Berlin marathon and just one long run – 21 miles – left to do. Gulp.

That means two things for me. One, time to give up booze and chocolate and two, time to start obsessing over what I’m going to wear for the marathon. Hey, it’s a distraction technique, ok? I could go on for some time about shoes (Asics 33s vs Nike Zoom Elite?) and shorts (Lululemon ones with super-cunning gel carrying pockets, sorted) and whether I should wear my running club top out of loyalty or something that’s a bit more comfortable.

But I won’t bore you. Anymore than I have already, anyway. Instead, talk to me about how your bank holiday weekend runs have gone, and try to explain to me why people wear full length running leggings in this weather. Surely a) skin is a lot less prone to getting horribly soggy than lycra and b) it might not be nice but in London, at least, it’s still near 20 degrees! Oh, and when is it too soon so start checking the weather forecast for Berlin?

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