How was your weekend running?

You guys. Last week’s comments below the line were just overwhelming. I can’t thank you enough (or bake enough cake for all of you) but thank you from the bottom of my now-about-73%-chocolate-and-cake heart. I have wallowed in self-pity and now come out the other side, ready to begin again. Or at least get back into training at some point before I actually just have melted butter running around my veins.

But enough about me. There were plenty of races on this weekend, from yesterday’s Hackney Half, to fell races, to Milton Keynes marathon – about to start as I write this. Who has PBs, PWs or cake recipes to share?

And who has entered the London Marathon ballot for the 2018 race? An aside, really, but every year I see the most ridiculous conspiracy theories about how to ‘game the system’ and get a ballot place. And every year I should really remember not get so annoyed by it. It’s a lottery, pure and simple. There is no weighting, there is no time you can put down to increase your odds. And, despite what someone told me on a forum the other day, the fact that two people in the same household might both get a place, does not mean it’s not random.

So, tell me all about your weekend exploits and your future plans. Even in the depths of pain at the end of last Sunday’s race, I never even pretended there won’t be another one, so I’m doing some strategic summer and autumn race planning now. Not to mention trying to collect the Six Star finisher medal for all of the World Marathon Majors before they go and add more of them …

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