Got a cold?: 5 tips on how not to infect others

Sooner or later, a flu-rolls in the Winter – and a cold wave across the country. If the sore throat and running nose, it is often too late and the annoying common cold is already broken out.

Yourself you are doing something Good by ausrust, and a lot of drinks, for example, a healthy ginger tea. With self-prescribed bed rest, and proceed with caution, you can also minimize the risk of contagion for other people.

1. Body contact to reduce

Unnecessary body contact with other people, you should avoid crowded places, in the best case not more visit. Thus, the Partner is also sick in bed, you should sleep, if possible in another room.

Surprise: a Kiss is still allowed. The common cold viruses are not, to the mucous membranes, but in the intestinal tract, where they are decomposed. The positive feeling when the Smooch also supports the Immunsymstem.

2. Thorough Washing Of Hands

Intensive and regular hands is not protects the washing only to prevent a cold, but also can reduce the risk, to transfer its virus to other people.

One should clean his hands for 20 to 30 seconds intensive under hot, flowing water. Since bacteria like a warm, humid climate, is the thorough Drying of the hands is also very important.

Hands before cooking and eating, after using the toilet, and then, when one was out on the road, wash.

3. Hygiene in the apartment

On surfaces the flu virus remain for up to 48 hours. This is true not only in buses and trams, even if you touch the home items, there is still the risk of Transmission.

Therefore, you should regularly clean surfaces and items you touch frequently. Especially in the kitchen and bathroom this is very important, as the virus spread in a damp environment, especially quickly.

In hot water with detergent to get rid of the unwanted bacteria. The excessive use of disinfectants, however, can weaken the immune system at the same time.

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Eighth, in addition to that, regularly the towels to exchange and wash at at least 60 degrees. You should spread also to the use, so that they can dry well.

4. Regular Airing

No matter whether you are at home or despite the cold, and for the work to the office of the contraction: You should regularly aerate.

Because in poorly ventilated rooms, the number of Viruses increases in the air quickly. If you ventilate regularly, you can prevent this and the risk of infection decrease.

Means: Three to four times per day for ten minutes at the Windows open wide for fresh air.

5. Proper coughing and Sneezing

In order to minimize the risk of Infection, you should keep on coughing and Sneezing as much as possible distance to other persons and turn away from them.

Mouth with the Sleeve cover and not with the Hand, because otherwise you will the bacteria still, sooner or later touches.

Also, after blowing your Nose you should wash your hands immediately, thus transferring the germs in his environment and fellow human beings.

Cornelia Bertram

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