Eat healthier: More food manufacturers want to Nutri-Score introduce

According to the company, in France and Belgium now also more and more German food manufacturers want to label their products with the Nutri-Score-light characteristic.

This is in addition to the content of sugar, fat and salt values of components such as dietary fiber and proteins recommended in the assessment, resulting in a single value – the good, the dark green “A” to the unhealthy, red “E”.

Easy-to-understand Overview

This color scheme is to guarantee the customer in the supermarket a easy-to-understand Overview of the flow of Goods and to make healthier decisions.

The introduction of the marking is at the moment, however, as not quite simple. As the consumer organization food watch’ told, the attempts of the German food Association, namely, to delay the Nutri-Score and dilute.

The Association had just published a 10-point Plan and in this, among other things, Changes in the calculation of the Nutri-Scores required.

Delay in the introduction of

“The Nutri-Score is on the rise: more and more manufacturers support the consumer-friendly traffic-light labelling,” said Luise Molling of food watch said in a Statement.

“Only the eternally yesterday’s food Association wants to prevent with all the Power that consumers can identify imbalanced food at a glance.”

The Association office prior to the Junk-food industry, and act against the interests of many companies which would be in favour of the Nutri-Score.

German company to introduce Score

By the company of the introduction would be nothing more in the way of that. Germany’s largest bakery Harry bread has already announced that the Nutri-Score from the first quarter of 2020 and its products printing.

The company Bonduelle wants to bring the Score also from next year, as “sensible guidance” for the customers on the market

The same applies to the rübezahl schokoladen GmbH. This want to use as the first chocolate manufacturer in Germany, the traffic light on his products.

The potato frozen manufacturers, agricultural frost wants to provide its products “as soon as possible” with the Score. Also Aldi, Nestlé, Danone, Lidl and Iglo had already commented positively to the traffic light.

Introduction will be delayed

The food Association calls on the other hand in his 10-point Plan, some of the measures, which would delay the introduction of the Scores even further.

A point of the requirements list: Changes in the calculation basis of the food. This would, however, have the consequence that, among other things, also meat would get better values.

“The Nutri-Score is manufacturers with a scientifically independent model and not a marketing tool of German Sausage”, said Molling.

Adjustments would only be made on a scientific basis.

Cornelia Bertram

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