Lstige facial hair removal

Many women ärgern sich über Hämonarch on the chin or fluff on the upper lip. What Möopportunities are there, the hairy Störenfriede in the face to get rid of

Unpopular fluff: most of The women hair find the face störend

On the head, on the chin, please! Many women käfight with unwelcome facial hair – especially if you älter. "Some of the hairs to catch in the course of life to wachsen", the Karlsruhe-based dermatologist Professor Christian Raulin says.

The reason being the lack of female or too many m&auml be;nnliche Hormone. Häoften the Problem w&auml occurs;during the menopause. Sprießen groundless hair, the ab&shy in any case, a doctor;klären. Life with the Häno one monarch. There are many methods to remove them. 

Lälonger Hämonarch with wax strips ausreißen

A cold wax strip is angew&auml between the fingers;rmt, so that the wax adheres better to the skin. Anschließend in the direction of growth to the point of sticking to the wool. The strip, smooth it out, wait briefly, and against the direction of growth remove. 

How successful the procedure is, hädepends on whether the hair is at least half a centimeter long and the wax strips have the correct temperature. Beautician Mona hum from Buchholz in der Nordheide: "In facial hair removal, I prefer wax strips. They are inexpensive, effective, and pain lä&shy sst well;endure." You can get them ­among other things, in pharmacies.

The more expensive Alternative: Waxing or Sugaring to the professionals. The wax is applied warm wax and with the help of non-woven strip against the direction of growth, and the hair removed. When Sugaring sugar paste in the direction of growth abge&shy is;moved. Hair break much less frequently. The effect hält each ­about three weeks ago.

A hormone-containing cream inhibits hair growth

A prescription cream with the active ingredient Eflornithine inhibits hair growth, by engaging the hormonal balance. The medium is considered to be good verträpossible, because of the Köthe body does not absorb the substance itself.

Möpossible side effects: Rötions of the skin, slight Akne  or skin rash, dry skin, ingrown hairs. Usually only vor&uuml but;temporarily on. In case of complaints go to the doctor. 

"The cream should regelmäßig twice täpossible üabout a lälonger period applied werden", dermatologist Raulin says. First results after about three months. The effect lasts only as long as the Präthe Council of Europe is used. Statutory funds üincur costs only in the diagnosis of hirsutism (männliche hair in women).  

Hair removal cream helps growth in light hair

Ideal für women who are very sensitive to pain, and where the hair &shy grew so strong;aus­gepräis the gt. Caution skin, however, sensitive face. ­Chemical ingredients köyou can, under Umstäthe irritate.

The classics: Shaving or using tweezers, plucking

Täpossible to remove the hair with razor or hand razor. "From a dermatological point of view, nothing speaks ­dagegen", Raulin says. Many of his patients. Beautician hum, warns: "The hair only at the Oberfläche cut off and grow unschön stubby. There are much better Möopportunities."

Stören only a few, kräftigere hair is also a good Alterna&shy Pluck;tive. Using a pair of tweezers at the best täresembled the Quälgeister pull out.

Unwanted facial hair can eliminate an experienced beautician with a thread. The ­The method originates from the Orient and is tüTurkish women are very popular.

The technique is mastered with the thread correctly, the Ausreißthe hair pain. "Very painful it is only when the Hämonarch to be slow, or with a wrong rotation. As a result, they are, but only abgerissen", erklärt ­Beautician Hum. 

With electrical impulses epilating

With a Epiliergerät specifically für the face of it removes the hair including the roots by means of electrical impulses. The treatment is painful. With a sensitive face it can skin Rösightings. The effect hält about three weeks. 

Laser or flash lamps (IPL): Only in dark and thick hair

The lasers is a defined Wellenlälength of treated with ­­Flash lamps (IPL) with a broad wave spectrum. However, these methods only work for dark and thick hair. Because the light energy is über is transported to the roots of the color pigments to the hair, where you zerstören. ­Raulin: "A light head is missing, as is the case with weißen, blond or fluffy ­Hair, can not Wärme in the ­Depth."

Für a übelief in the end result of around ten sessions are required. A Be­­action costs between 50 and 250 euros. The procedure is not painless, but according to expert Raulin "auszuhalten".

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