Gabrielle Union's Long, High Ponytail Is a Whole '70s Mood

If Gabrielle Union's mission was to pay homage to the 1970s with her lengthy high ponytail, then the mission was accomplished. The actor and beauty entrepreneur shared several photos of the throwback hairstyle in a seven-part Instagram carousel on November 9. 

This hairstyle hearkens back to the decade marked by big hair, opulent patterns, and bell-bottom pants for three reasons: each strand of hair appears to be subtly textured, the height of Union's ponytail sits at the crown of her head, and the rest of her hair is slicked back. But there's more to this look that screams 1970s style. Union's flowing dress comprised of black and white stripes, a high collar, and flared sleeves are evocative of the relaxed nature of '70s fashion. 

According to her Instagram caption, Union seemed to have gotten all decked out in a full-on '70s ensemble for the Brand Wade Union Summit alongside daughter Kaavia and husband Dwayne Wade. 

The hair and style trends of the '70s may have been the overall inspiration for this look, but the height of the high ponytail looks very similar to Ariana Grande’s signature high pony. However, it's not as high as Ari's (no one's volume could compete with hers). 

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It comes as no surprise that Union and her hairstylist (we're not sure who created this look) sought inspiration from the hairstyles of the ‘70s. Hairstyles from this era were trending all over TikTok in January of 2021, including one video, in particular, created by Rose van Rijn on how to create bouncy curls similar to actress Farah Fawcett's voluminous curls. The '70s may have reached their end 42 years ago, but, as evidenced by Union and the Internet, the beauty and style of the decade still live on today. 

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