This $17 Moisturizer Literally Turns Into Shaved Ice When You Freeze It

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The only good thing 2020 gave me was… TikTok. I can spend hours upon hours watching videos and learning about beauty products from the platform's community. (It's how I found my current favorite mascara). Whenever I see something go viral, my beauty-editor instincts tingle, and I find myself needing to test whatever new products is making the rounds on my For You page.

That being said, next up on my "TikTok made me review it" list is the Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream. It's from a K-beauty brand that neither my Allure coworkers nor I had ever heard of, but it's like nothing I have ever seen before because, as its name suggests, it's frozen. Yes, you read that right — when you put this moisturizer in the freezer, it solidifies just like ice. 

I first saw the product in question in a TikTok video on user Kimberly Kruty's page, where she reviewed the facial treatment. And based on her stamp of approval, I knew had to give it a try. I ordered the moisturizer on Amazon for $17, and three days later, Frozen Cream was at my doorstep. I opened the plastic jar to find that the consistency was of a gel-like texture. It felt thick but super lightweight, and I could tell before it even touched my skin that it was going to be hydrating. I threw it into the freezer for about four hours, and then it was time to apply.

The formula completely froze up and reminded me of shaved Italian ice or sorbet. I kept thinking of the other skin-care products I have put in my freezer and wondered why those never became this ice-like. According to cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson, the reason that the treatment freezes like this is that its formula is pretty much all water. "The percentage of water in this ingredient list is pretty high. That's why it becomes ice," he says. In addition to the water, it's also packed with ingredients like hyaluronic acid for extra hydration and niacinamide to reduce redness and calm any inflammation.

I scooped a quarter-size amount of the moisturizer onto my skin, and holy shit — it was so cold, I almost dropped it. Luckily, I didn't, and began to slowly rub the icy concoction onto my skin. Instantly, my skin woke up as if I had poured a glass of water, er, ice onto it.

But that didn't last long: The ice particles quickly melted right into my pores and gave me an all-over glowy look. The finish was a little tacky after it dried down, but I wasn't mad at it; it kind of felt like a primer. That being said, although I used the Frozen Cream before bed, I think moving forward, it'll be better used as a cool morning treat to help me wake up, as well as a great base layer before foundation.

Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream

But what would happen if I didn't freeze the moisturizer? After reading a few reviews online, I found out that, yes, you can also use it at room temperature. However, after speaking to Mona Gohara, a board-certified dermatologist based in Connecticut, I may be sticking to the frozen version from here on out. 

"There is a benefit to that cool sensation, that's why I often tell my patients to put their products in the refrigerator," she says. "It brings down puffiness, feels good, is refreshing. Think of those cold cucumbers on your eyes at a spa. It really just adds to the experience." 

And she's so right. My skin felt refreshed, vibrant, and in the morning, my cheeks looked noticeably smoother and less inflamed — an area that can get pretty red from recent breakouts. I guess it's safe to say that I'll definitely be using the Frozen Cream in my routine from here on out. The ingredient list is simple, the sensation is cool (literally), and it doesn't mess with my sensitive skin — the perfect trifecta, if you ask me.

If you want to try the Vue De Pulang Frozen Cream, you can add it to your Amazon cart right now for $17. You never know, you may love it even more than you love all the other things TikTok made you buy.

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