Large pores: These tips will help you to reduce the size of (long-term)

There are numerous pores in the face and that is a good thing. Skin pores are small Openings that exist in countless number in the human skin. Through the small channels of the body sebaceous glands can secrete, and the top layer of skin, the Horny layer, smooth, as well as from external environmental influences to protect. So pores eating are an essential component of the skin’s own metabolism and the protective film of the skin. But, why the pores in the one large and the other small?

In fact, genes and hormones decide on the size of the pores. But it is also oily or Mature skin can often have enlarged pores. Oily skin tends, for example, to larger pores because the sebaceous glands can sebaceous faster, dander and dirt accumulate. The result is that the Pore is clogged, and expanding. The Pore is expanded only once, you not alone. Regular cleaning and various other methods, however, can help to Refine the skin’s appearance. Preventive measures should also help to avoid large pores before they arise.

What can I do about large pores?

You have to be patient with your skin, because large pores do not shrink overnight. Each product delivers on this promise, should be critically questioned. Rather, a good cleaning and care routine, the skin will be worth it. How this could look, click here.

Regular Cleaning

The best Basis for a clear skin with a thorough daily facial cleansing. Free your skin in the morning and in the evening, for example, with cleansing gel, sebum and dirt. Helpful can also use an electric face cleaning brush to be.

Proper Care

Oily and impure skin tends increasingly to enlarged pores, so proper care is crucial. Avoid rich or oily textures, this can clog the skin. Easy care products such as moisturizing fluids or gels, are, however, better, for example, this light Gel with UV-protection.

Nourishing Retinol Serum

Retinol Serum contains a Form of Vitamin A and can have positive effects on the skin education. It promotes the formation of horn cells of which the top layer of the skin. Moreover, it is said to have the Vitamin, the production of collagen to stimulate the lower layers of the skin is needed to make the skin taut and flexible. So Retinol can serums to the skin help to Refine the image and reduce the size of large pores.

Steam bath

Large pores are especially visible when they are stained by dark blackheads. Blackheads occur in the pores that are clogged by excessive sebum production. The typical black color get blackheads by the reaction of dead skin cells, and oxygen. A steam bath helps to open the clogged pores so that dirt and oil can loosen. Boil about a Liter of water on, give it in a bowl and mix it with chamomile Oil. You then have a towel over your head and relax your face over the water bath for ten Min. After the steam bath you can your face with a mild cleansing gel and warm water wash.


Your pores smaller, you can your facial skin once or twice a week with a mild exfoliating treat. The gentle abrasion of the skin schupen loosen and the blood flow is stimulated. Regular exfoliation can make the skin more even and fine-pored.

Peel-off products

Peel-off masks to clean the skin thoroughly, you can be targeted on the affected skin glued on. There are different Stripes to Pull off, especially popular are Peel-Off products for the nose, because there often enlarged pores occur.

Clarifying Masks

Mask with healing earth or clay to clean the skin very thoroughly and are gentle to the skin. Thanks to the absorbing properties of the natural ingredients to bind excess sebum and prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples.

Large pores prevent

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