Cornea socks in the comparison: that is, the products differ

Principle cornea are socks nothing more than Fußmasken that you can buy in pairs. They contain an Emulsion, which maintain your feet and at the same time with moisture to provide. Depending on the manufacturer, different ingredients, such as Aloe vera, Shea butter and Urea to penetrate the skin and soften them. Through this process, can your feet possibly even “peel”, by removing the skin of the old horn. This is largely to do with the amount of cornified how much skin is removed. Purpose of the cornea socks so that your feet are after the treatment nice and smooth and supple are. Before the first application it is important to note, however, a lot of things.

To apply cornea socks properly

Important note: Even though the application is very simple, and there is also risk – triggered by allergic reactions. To find out whether your skin reacts to the ingredients are allergic, you should skin the Emulsion of the horn socks with one Finger on a small area of your skin and ten minutes. You show no reaction, you can start the treatment.

Brands compared: What socks contain cornea?

1. SUMMER FOOT Premium foot mask

This cornea-socks , Summer Foot to not only the cornea, but also in cracked heels, calluses and cracked skin can remove. The Fußmasken were, according to the manufacturer dermatologist-tested and contain valuable ingredients such as Urea and cucumber extract. After application, your feet will stay two to three months long, smooth and supple.

There are also special Premium Fußmasken for men.

2. Scholl expert care Intensely nourishing foot mask

According to the company Scholl include this cornea, socks, also valuable ingredients (such as macadamia oil, Urea, Shea butter and Panthenol), which has the fleece on the inside of the mask evenly over the foot to spread and quickly into the skin to without to fat. According to the packaging note the socks have to 20 minutes.

3. MayBeau Lavender Foot Mask

In this product of MayBeau are two different cornea-socks included: the a Peeling foot mask for both feet to remove dead skin to remove and rough heels to repair, and a hydrating mask for both feet. The socks contain Lavandula angustifolia, Aloe vera, milk, Vitamin E and natural plant extracts.

4. Plantifique Naturgel Anti-Cornea-Socks

Also Plantifique advertises dermatologically tested cornea socks. According to the manufacturer, based on the ingredients (milk, plant extracts, Aloe vera and Papain) on a unique French formula: you should dry remove skin and cracked heels to repair. And after a ten – to 20-minute contact time.

5. Korea Cosmetic Foot Peeling Mask

Korea cosmetic sets and even step up a gear and advertises that its foot peeling masks from animal-free ingredients there are. However, reveals the manufacturer is not accurate, resulting in the Emulsion of the cornea socks is made – it is according to their own information probably nourishing extractsfor a beautiful and callus-free feet should.

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