Bulldog and Detroit Tigers Daniel Norris Launch Energize Collection

Bulldog Skincare and Detroit Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris have teamed to today launch Bulldog’s new Energize Collection.

The Energize Collection is comprised of five products — face wash, face scrub, moisturizer, sheet mask and hydrator and eye roll-on — formulated with ingredients such as polyhydroxy acid extracted from rice, a form of algae called vegetal caviar, glycogen derived from corn, and citrus, ginger and lime. The collection is available on the Bulldog U.S. website and ranges in price from $6.99 to $19.99, with a full face kit comprised of a wash, scrub and moisturizer for $23.97.

The Edgewell Personal Care-owned brand tapped Norris for their shared values, like a commitment to sustainability and a healthy, active lifestyle.

“We felt like he really shared our values and represents what the Bulldog brand is about,” said Bulldog senior brand manager Lisa Gustafson. “He is committed to sustainability, but also how he embodies Bulldog’s values in living a healthy, happy lifestyle.”

Norris considers himself to be a rookie in skin care. The Tigers pitcher, who was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays, turned to Bulldog to take care of his skin during the grind of the grueling 162-game MLB season, as well as his active life as a surfer, and periodically living in a van.

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“Spending six hours a day in the water in between training, I started paying more attention to how I take care of myself and it’s been pretty good,” he said. “As a surfer, you get in and out of the water a lot and surfing midday. I’ve been in and out of a van periodically for the past 10 years, getting into the routine of getting up early and going out to surf. Sometimes showers are hard to come by, but the Bulldog products are pretty clutch.”

Norris said he noticed a difference when he would use Bulldog products in the morning to go grab coffee. “I always tell a story that my teammates and I will go get coffee and the server will say you guys look tired and that hasn’t been happening when I wake up to get my cup of joe.”

Launched in 2006, Bulldog debuted in the U.K. and grew quickly before expanding to the U.S. in 2010 at Whole Foods. The brand has major distribution at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS and online on Amazon and its direct-to-consumer channel.

In regards to the Energize Collection, Gustafson said, “If this is something going well, we see expanding to stores in the future. Right now we’re working with Daniel on this product launch, but looking forward to growing that in the future with him.”

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