We See Crystal in Your Future!

Meet L.A. native, Crystal! Crystal is a calm, talkative gal who loves to hang out with you. She can be shy in new environments but warms up to new people once she’s had time to adjust and get to know them.

Crystal is one playful kitty! She especially loves tennis balls and will chase them all around the house. The other key to her heart? All types of cat treats! After playtime is over, Crystal will need her beauty rest and will take lots of cat naps throughout the day and does well sleeping on your bed with you at night. She’ll often wake you up in the morning by gently pressing her nose to your face!

Crystal would do best in a quiet home with an adopter who can give her lots of love and affection. She hasn’t been around other animals or small children while in her foster home, but our Los Angeles team can help to determine if Crystal is the right match for you!

If you can see Crystal in your future, check out her profile to complete an application! 

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