This Handsome Dog Is as Cool as Ice and Ready for Adoption!

Sometimes, the perfect name comes easy when we meet a dog like Ice! When you bring him home, he’ll soon be the coolest kid on the block—so let’s kick it!

Ice is a true gentle giant, and some may even say he’s the best kind of goofball! He might be an extra-large guy, but he thinks of himself as a lap dog, so he’s looking for an adopter who understands that big dogs don’t always know their own size. He is 90 lb. of mush ready to flop over by your feet and ask for his favorite thing—belly rubs! Ice also loves easygoing walks and returning home to relax on the couch. Does your couch have room for one more?

Ice would be a great fit for most families! If there are other dogs in the home, Ice needs to meet them one-on-one first—our staff would love to help make introductions! A Matchmaker can give you tips to help set Ice up for success in your home and tell you more about Ice’s medical needs.

Stop, collaborate and listen: if you are looking to adopt in the tri-state area, you should view his profile to fill out an application for Ice today!

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